Month: March 2023

Course Module 2: Shapes and Spaces

The second-course module for the lesson Shapes and Spaces would be 2-Dimentional shapes. For this module, I have added a Kahoot Quiz Activity at the beginning to check prior knowledge. The quiz includes questions from the 1st module and somewhat gives an idea about what we will be moving to. I never used Kahoot before,…

By Sushmeet Kaur March 31, 2023 2

Module 1: Review

As educators, we often make different modules for our courses and deliver our lessons based on that in our classrooms. Every classroom, group of students, teaching strategies, and teaching methodology is different and one shoe can not fit all in any teaching-learning scenario I recently created my first module and received valuable feedback from my…

By Sushmeet Kaur March 30, 2023 0