Process, Prototype and Final Walkthrough

April 1, 2023 2 By Sushmeet Kaur

Hello everyone!

I am super excited to write this final walk-through post. It was an amazing journey with lots of learning happening for me. I never thought that I would make a whole online course by myself. As I have mentioned in my course profile, I have made a blended learning course wherein students can attend the class face-to-face or online via Google Meet. I have made things flexible for my students so they can have access to all the material and presentations. I always try to make my lessons interactive and engaging as Mathematics is a subject that can become really monotonous and boring if students would just ask to solve questions and practice. I always prefer to engage them with their surroundings while they learn a new concept.

My journey was not straight, as I said, I learned a lot during the session and gradually changed and updated a lot of things in my course profile. Learning to make quizzes on Kahoot was a fun experience as I never used it earlier. I figured there are so many different tools available that can be used to make online learning more interesting. I used Google Classroom earlier and I am more comfortable with it so I used that only for making my blended learning course. But it was nice to know that LMS like Canvas and Teams are also accessible and can be so organized. I tried to incorporate Google Jam board activities and provided a group project that would help the students to relate their classroom learning to real life. I really like the option of submitting pictures of the work in the classroom. I have a tablet that I use to check (edit image option) and provide grades for projects and summative assessments.

I feel when someone has access to google classroom through their school’s domain, they get access to more resources in google classroom like you do not have to provide a separate link for synchronous sessions just generate a link and it will show on the home page. So paid versions of any LMS do have more fractures. Since I used the paid version when I was teaching I can now compare both and I have to struggle at some places because of creating a classroom with my personal account.

Throughout the process, I figured that teaching online can be time-consuming as it took me a lot of time to make the presentations for my both modules. However, there is an advantage that we just have to make the content once and it can be used again and again with some minor modifications. As teachers, we are always in a process of making content either online or for in-person classes. However, for online content, the same material can be used for all the classes you are taking I used to teach 3 sections of Grade 3 and would use the same presentation for explaining the concept (of course many changes were made to the spot depending upon class situations).

The profile (

I made is quite different from the end result, but I feel that is a part of the learning process. I am really proud of what I have created and I am happy with the results.

Module 1:

My first module is based on Grade 3 Mathematics Shape and Spaces SS3.4 which discusses the 3-Dimensional shapes and their faces, edges, and vertices. You can see my 1st module video here:

Module 2:

The second module is a continuation of the same unit Shape and Spaces SS3.5. It talks about the 2-Dimensional shapes and their properties. The link for 2nd module video :

The link for my final walkthrough video is here: