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Running out of Seam

Following this post I have one more learning project blog to do, but this go around I’ll be outlining my final creation for this journey that I’ve been on.

So far I’ve made a cloth napkin, a pillowcase, two masks, and several pairs of shorts, so this time I decided to attempt to make a tank top.

This is the video I followed along to this time around. I’ve found that the videos are the best way for me to understand the steps to take and things to do.

I followed this tutorial and used the free pdf pattern that goes along with it (linked in the description of the video). I decided to make a few tweaks of my own to the pattern, I wanted to make a full length tank top rather than a cropped one and that was a really simple addition to the pattern. I just extended the pattern down, following the same width and it seemed to work really well.

So I got started, and I cut out the pattern, making sure that the fabric stretched in the correct direction. Once I had my two panels cut out, I got to pinning the pieces together and it was time to sew.

Because the fabric I used was so stretchy, I had to use a different stitch. Typically I have been using a straight stitch, but that type of stitch doesn’t allow for much stretch in the finished piece of clothing. Luckily it is very easy to switch the stitch type on my sewing machine, and after a few practice seams I was ready to get started on sewing everything together.

The sewing went really well! I had no issues and the video laid out all of the steps well enough so when I ran into confusion, I was able to re-watch and solve the problems that I was having.

And here is the completed product! I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of the fabric that I had to use, but I didn’t want to end up using good fabric for something that wasn’t going to turn out very well.

I am very happy that, for the first time, I have a finished product that I was able to complete and use on my very first attempt! I’ve become much better at solving problems as they come up and sewing consistent seams and hems.

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  • jbc595

    Hey Abby!

    I love your final creation! I am glad that it worked out so great for you! In my limited experience with sowing in my Home Ec class, I never had any sowing project that actually was useable. It looks amazing!


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