So week two is in the bag and I am absolutely thrilled with the progress I am seeing…from my daughter! Her grasp on remembering finger placements has been awesome. Me on the other hand, I need to keep practicing! I utilized an online resource this week to help me along with my learnings. This video was great, however, while it said that it was basic and beginner lesson #1, I still found it to be a lot of information to take in.

I have always thought I knew the alphabet and would never need to “brush up” on my alphabetical skills. That was until the instructor would move up and down the alphabet I found my fingers bumbling along the keys as I kept thinking “ok, what comes before G? A,B,C,D,E,F, thats it, F”. With that said, I feel as thought this lesson went well and I have learnt a lot that I just need to practice. I can now find all the keys on the piano and can “somewhat” put them together to make notes.

Well, time to get back to practicing if I want to one day be referred to as the piano man!