My Journey to Becoming a Teacher

Piano man? Close but not yet…

Week 3 of learning to play the piano has definitely been the most progress I have seen to date. I focused on quarter, half and whole notes this week, while also trying to get a better grasp on finger placement on the keys. I am happy to report that I was able to play “Merry Had a Little Lamb” and while that is not going to get my invited on the stage at the next duelling pianos performance, it certainly strikes a tune with my kids as they have been singing along to me keying away. While in reality I am keying one slow note at a time, in my mind I can’t help by feel like I am blazing a trail of notes as I shred the piano.

I have found many useful videos on Youtube to teach me along as I try new things on the piano, unfortunately I have yet to find a very good App that can guide me along as they all look great off the start but then quickly upon filling out a profile are asked for your credit card information. I am going to keep looking for something that can guide me a little bit better than my self paced approach I am currently taking. Well, I must get back to practicing as I continue on my journey to becoming a piano SUPERSTAR!


  1. Alicia


    I love how you’re using a sense of humour to explain your experience in learning the piano, thus far. It makes it a really enjoyable read! Are you learning the same songs alongside your daughter or different ones?

    • Byron

      Thanks for replying Alicia, up to this point it has basically been me trying to learn songs that are WAAAAAY out of my skill level and then I see my daughter learning basic songs so I divert back to try and catch up to here progress, haha.

  2. Reilee Slusarchuk

    It sounds like your progress in learning the piano is going great! I am happy to hear that you are able to play songs that your kids are able to join in singing, that’s awesome! I was never able to play the piano as I felt that my hands were to slow and I couldn’t keep up with the notes that needed to be played. I always got frustrated, so I give you props for being so determined to keep learning! Can’t wait to see what other songs you are able to play! Maybe post a video of you playing?

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