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Over the past 15 years Twitter has become a staple of social media as it provides people with a source to find information or a platform to express their thoughts, which could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing. Twitter can be personalized to provide the user whatever they are looking for. Based off who you choose to follow you can create a timeline full of political takes, sports updates or even educational resources. I have found Twitter to be beneficial in growing my professional network and in implementing reflective practice as I learn new ideas, see what has and has not worked in the classroom from other educators and strengthened my knowledge base.

During my time in using Twitter I have come across some great educational resources that have already provided me with resources I plan to use for years to come, from Edutopia to Ted Talks there are so many possibilities that I have found very beneficial for an inspiring educator.

This past week I took part in the Sask Ed Chat with my fellow classmates and also other educators from Canada and even a few from the USA. This was my first time in participating in a twitter chat to this magnitude and found it to be a very fast paced, enjoyable experience. It was great to hear from others who are currently working in the classroom as they were able to give real life examples as opposed to the theoretical discussions that normally dominate University classes.

Last but certainly not least, maybe the greatest thing about Twitter would be the Gifs and memes it provides that seem to swallow up hours of time that would otherwise be used being productive!


  1. Hi Byron,

    Your blog is wonderfully written! You have found some excellent resources. I love Edutopia. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the Twitter chat. I found it to be a bit overwhelming at first, however, it was a great way to connect with others and find new people to follow in education.

    I have yet to come across GIFs and memes on Twitter. I am worried that I may become less productive as I love GIFs and memes, like the one you have shared in your post.

  2. I totally agree with you, the gifs are the best part of twitter! I also enjoy that when you tag someone in a post that the post will only show between people who follow you and that person. It is a complex tool and I love learning more about it as I go on. Do you think you would ever incorporate twitter in your classroom?

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