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This last week of my learning project was unlike anything I have ever experienced. With everything going on I found it difficult to devote much time to it to be honest as there were seemingly plenty of other things to do. However, I was able to put in some more time towards learning All of Me by John Legend. I feel that I have a pretty good handle on the intro to the song and I am currently working my way through the remainder.

Check out my progress…

While the video is short and sweet, it is progress nonetheless. I will tell you, while it doesn’t necessarily look like much, using both hands it much more difficult that is appears. One great piece of news is that I found a new video that completely breaks down the song into six separate parts, which I think will really help me be successful in my journey.

I have found some easier versions for the second part, so I may only utilize this for the intro, but we will see how it goes.

I hope everyone is keeping healthy and taking this opportunity to spend some time with their immediate family and loved ones. Until next time…


  1. Brittney Krogsgaard

    I think that this is a great start to the song. This is one of my favourite songs by John Legend and I believe that you have done it justice so far. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jaelyn Prediger

    This is amazing Byron! You have progressed so much since the last post I read of yours. I also agree with you that it has been hard to continue on with my regular schedule over the past while. I am in the process of moving back home now for the summer, so I am really needing to use my time wisely to make sure I am getting all my school work done. You are doing a great job using both hands, that is something I struggled with for a long time when I first learned to play the piano. Keep up the great work, and stay healthy!

    • Byron

      Thanks Jaelyn, some days it feels like I am getting no where in progressing on the piano, but it has been a fun journey as I have been doing it alone with my daughter. I am going to post a video of us both playing in my final post, pretty sure she is better than I am, and she’s 6! haha

  3. Nikki Reynolds

    This is so great you’ve come along way! Did you always have the piano in your house With the Intention of one day learning ? Or does someone else in your house play as well?

    • Byron

      Hey Nikki, we got the piano from our old church that was closing down. My daughter has started playing too and she is better than I am. I still have another week of practice to catch up to her thou, haha

  4. Derek Walde

    Playing with two hands is very difficult I agree, so it shows a lot of progress now that can you can play with both! I was a bit disappointed, I thought I was going to hear your singing voice as well hahaha, I wanted to see your full inner John Legend come out. But great job on getting the intro down, piano playing is not for the faint of heart there is a reason why people take years and years to learn how to play it. Great work, now anytime there is a piano around you can dazzle someone with your skills!
    P.S. I think your piano might be a bit out of tune!

    • Byron

      Oh ya, the piano is very out of tune. We had it moved here and never got it tuned up. haha. For how well I play, its good enough for now. haha

  5. Lauren Carlson

    This is such a great example of finding online resources to help you with your learning project. That video does a great job of breaking things down. It’s also a great idea to not only show the hands playing each part but also the coloured bars that show how long to play each note. Very cool! You’re doing a great job!

  6. Alicia Klatt

    Hey Byron! I can totally relate to the fact that is more difficult to focus on anything school related right now! I am really impressed! Considering you’re still a beginner, I feel like already playing the intro. to “All of Me”, as well as playing with two hands is quite difficult. You should be proud of yourself! Well done.

    • Byron

      Thanks Alicia! It is slow going that is for sure but it’s coming along.

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