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Teaching Resources

Lesson Plans

Media Smarts : Here you can find teaching resources such as lesson plans and resources involving digital and media literacy.

The Conscious Kid: This provides great book suggestions, lesson plans, and resources regarding inclusion and diversity within the classroom.

Common Sense: This resource provides digital citizenship lesson plans and classroom resources, as well as EdTech reviews.

Organization and Planning Tools

Wakelet: This resource is great for creating collections of links, resources, and blog posts, really anything you need organized. This collection could be shared with students for easier access to the links/ resources you need to provide them.

Chalk: This is also called plan board. It is a free platform that can be used as a lesson planner and grade book. You can add in resources to bring the lesson plans to life.

Evernote: This is just an online version of taking notes. You can add pictures, files, and links.

Presentation Tools

Nearpod: This is a free resource to make lesson plans more interactive and engaging for students. There are activities like virtual reality, simulations, and gamified quizzes. Also includes formative assessments to know where each of your students are.

Peardeck: Just like Nearpod, you can create interactive presentations to create more engaging lessons for students.

Screencastify: This is a screen casting tool to record your screen. You can also edit and share the videos you create. It is free for the first 5 minutes of recording.

Screencastomatic: Like screencastify, the screen capture tools help create, edit, and communicate with videos and images.

Edpuzzle: With this, you can engage students within videos (youtube) to check in on their understanding during asynchronous learning.

Content Creation Tools

Canva: Here you can create posters, cards, images, gifs, and slideshows with this creation tool.

Adobe Spark: With this, you can create graphics, web pages, and videos

Video Scribe: With this you can create a whiteboard video as someone is writing with what the narrator is saying.

Anchor: This is a great FREE podcast creation tool

WeVideo: This is a video creation tool that is compatible with google drive. It includes narration and recording. It is also used within Regina Public Schools.

Powtoon: This is a visual communication platform that allows you to create videos and animation.

Flipgrid: This is a simple and free video discussion experience you can use in the classroom. Provide students with a discussion topic and have students record and share their ideas through video.


This is a document that outlines numerous EdTech tools

Accredited Schools Online: this resource outlines how to work with children with disabilities in the classroom

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