Grammarly: The best thing that ever happened to me (I mean it)

Grammarly: The best thing that ever happened to me (I mean it)

Hola a todos! Today I would like to share my favorite tool since I’m studying to teach English: Grammarly!

This extension literally changed my life.

Grammarly is an application that allows you to correct anything you write in English. Among its functions are spelling errors, punctuation, if the sentences are difficult to read, if you want it to sound formal or if you want it to be for a particular audience, etc. It even gives you a score at the end of your writing, which is very useful since it gives you an idea of your performance.

This application is very friendly and cost-free, even though it has a premium feature that enables many more features (which I’m honestly dying to have).

Grammarly is compatible with any computer and operating system, making it accessible to everyone. And that allows you to occupy it not only on its official page but on any page on which you must write because it is an extension.

I often use Grammarly to write my essays or in different writing jobs where neatness is needed. I also use it for my blog posts in order to achieve a better understanding of what I want to say and teach.

Grammarly is perfect for students learning English as a second language (like me) and those who want to improve their writing. I can say this since I was taught how to use it in my first year of university in Chile, as well as many of my classmates who agreed that it helped them a lot.

Therefore, even if you are a native English speaker, it is always essential to work on correctly using words and punctuation.

Use Grammarly, you won’t regret it!

2 thoughts on “Grammarly: The best thing that ever happened to me (I mean it)

  1. Hi Barbara! I’m so glad you have found some tools to help you in your post-secondary journey, since you have to overcome the language barrier challenge of essay writing. Great job finding something that works for you, and looking forward to reading more on your blogs!

  2. Hi Barbara! I have yet to jump onto the Grammarly train but after reading about your experience I think I am convinced to try – thanks for sharing!

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