How to improve my times

How to improve my times

Hola a todos!

Today I want to tell you how I plan to improve my crochet times.
It’s no secret how long it took me to finish my scarf (I apologize), but the truth is that I learned a lot there. I spent half the time getting my stitches wrong and the other half complaining about how slow I was. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but I can tell I’m a beginner.
So after doing a little research, I came across a video where they show how to save time when knitting. I was undoubtedly excited, wondering, “why did it take me so long to look for help?” I still don’t have an answer, hahaha.
So, on to the tips!
1. Try to knit often –>. I wish I had kept it in mind from the first stitch! I stopped during the process because I always wondered if I had skipped a stitch. Paranoia: 1 Knitting: 0. Keep going, and don’t stop to think. It works.
2. Get enough sleep –> It’s natural, folks; not sleeping makes your brain unable to concentrate on things as fundamental as following the same pattern for half an hour. It’s alarming how much following this advice helped me, lol.
3. Eating right –> Although I’d like to disagree with this tip, it does help. Drinking lots of water (ice cold) and keeping myself eating a bunch of grapes did help me stay active. But on the contrary, eating heavy things greatly reduced my productivity (this doesn’t mean I’m not right about anyone living healthy, haha).
4. Background music –> Yup, listening to some background music (not a favorite) implemented a peace factor when knitting. Love it.
5. Getting up early –> WARNING: This should be after point 2. In Chile, we have a saying, “Al que madruga dios le ayuda” which means that whoever gets up early will be helped by god. In this space, there are no distractions other than a good cup of tea (for Chileans and coffee for the rest of the world). Nobody gets up early, so there will be no social networks to distract you.

And that’s all, friends, let’s try and improve our times! I’ll leave here the video of the tips (although it’s in Spanish) everything that is said I’ve summarized very beautifully for you, so no problem *wink*.

Have a great week!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I like that your list of tips can be applied to many different commitments as well.

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