The IMPORTANCE of Ribble’s nine elements

The IMPORTANCE of Ribble’s nine elements

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Today according to our calendar, it’s time to talk about something super important the connection between the SK curriculum and Ribble’s nine elements.
As this is not my country, I need to become more familiar with the curriculum and how it works. I took grade 5 (since the age range of my internship course in Chile corresponded to this one) and the English subject (which is the one I will be teaching once I finish my university degree).
The nine elements have the function of instructing us in the correct use of the internet, which is why it is so important to include it in the curriculum of any school in any country.
According to the SK curriculum in grade 5 in English, children work on the treaty relationship, which leads directly to elements 3, 7, and 9.

Element 3: Digital communication – Communication is now done anywhere, anytime, through multiple media, such as instant messaging, social networks, skype, text messaging, mobile phones, and email. Faced with so many options, digital users need to be taught appropriate communication skills. Students, teachers, parents, and city council members must understand the importance of practical communication skills.

  • Indicator: Research and report on the meaning of symbols that represent peaceful and harmonious relations between two sovereign nations (e.g., pipe ceremonies, feasts and festivals, doves, handshakes, meetings).

Element seven: Digital rights and responsibilities – Personal digital communications carry individual rights. With these rights come responsibilities. Online community members have the right to freedom of expression and communication, but these rights must not interfere with the rights of others. It is each person’s responsibility to be respectful of the rights of others.

  • Indicator: Research contemporary negotiations that support treaties as living agreements.

Element Nine: Digital Security – Technology users must continually monitor and protect their identity and personal information. Predators are ever-present in the online community, so all digital users must be constantly aware of what and how personal information is shared.

  • Indicator: Examine the effects of racism on relationships between Saskatchewan people.

In the future, I see that technology remains. Instead, I see its use increasing. In my future classroom, I will use technology to enhance the skills of my students, but I will also encourage the correct and safe use of technology from the very beginning. Especially when working with younger children, I will make sure to emphasize element number nine.

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