The PRADA bag… could it be a minibag?

The PRADA bag… could it be a minibag?

Hola a todos!

Let me tell you… it happened that I started my PRADA bag.
Everything was going very well. I followed the instructions of the video, as I told you in my previous blog, but… I kept getting lost with the stitches over and over again. I just couldn’t get the technique down, which was extremely frustrating.

I did the first row of circles at least… about five times. Only to realize (when I was about to finally start the second row) that I HAD SKIPPED A STEP IN THE POINT.
Knitting… I almost want to give it up, but on this count, we don’t give up amigos! so I did it again and:

When I finally made it past the next row
When I went crazy and passed in the fourth row

It’s beautiful, I love it, and I don’t want to quit anymore. But, in order to finish it soon and change to another color, it will have to be a minibag, maybe where it will fit my mobile phone or Alexa’s or Mar’s Tarot cards, who knows.
But I tell you for sure; something will fit. That’s the whole point of having a PRADA bag hahahahaha they are usually more beautiful than functional.
See you soon!

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