Unchartered territory


I had never even heard of an RRS reader, I am not sure I really totally get it still. However, I was able to successfully click the link in the weekly plans and fly by the seat of my pants. I choose the link for feedly, and was delighted when the log-in process consisted solely of using my pre-existing sign-in with my google account!

Once signed into the site, I began searching for keywords or ideas of which I have learnt about previously in the college of education. I entered words such as assessment, education, pre-service teacher, and pedagogy. I also searched keywords that are fresh in my mind from my other class this term, teaching exceptional students. Searching for information on teaching studetns with exceptionalities is not only relevant to a future in teaching but is helpful for my current research for a presentation that I am working on for that class….this is how I kill 2 birds with one stone so to say!!

While some word searches were less successful than others, I did find a few useful blogs to follow. The first of which is the cult of pedagogy, which was familiar to me from a previous ECS class, where one of our readings was to listen to a podcast that she did. I really enjoyed that podcast, and have listened to other podcasts from her since. The article that I found from her today and shared on my Twitter, spoke to the idea of reimagining schools. I am excited to do my part as a future teacher to make this ideology a reality! I believe that this site is such an important motivator and reminder to keep us on track to remember what it is we are fighting for and working towards. I look forward to reading her new article every week!

a screen shot of the authors feebly page, showing which bogs she follows.

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