Tweet Deck….is that a card game?


This week we were introduced to the world of Twitter and Twitter deck. When I heard the term twitter deck, all I could think of was a deck of cards, like is this a card game? In actuality once using Tweet deck, it reminded me of a game of solitaire with how the comments layer on top of each other in their organized columns. As we set up Tweet deck to participate in the Sasked chat, I was a little intimidated but as the chat began I quickly got my footing and found it much more streamlined of a process than I had expected. I did have to remind myself of Katia’s advice, that you can’t read everything, you just absorb what you can. Overall I found the chat to be really enjoyable and an excellent experience to meet other people who I wanted to follow on Twitter in order to expand my professional social network. I loved that I could choose to follow those who I felt had similar professional perspectives as me, which I believe will help me grow as a future educator. I spent a little bit of time researching tweet deck this weekend and I found this great article on how to get more out of tweet deck!

Now moving onto Twitter in general….While I have had a Twitter account for years, I have never really used it as I never understood it. So this week of trying to actively use Twitter has been a definite learning curve for me. Here are a few of the mistakes that I was making:

  1. I forgot to hashtag alot of my reply’s
  2. I put the improper hashtag on alot of posts and reply’s
  3. I retweeted things 2 times as the first time I kept hitting retweet without the optiont to comment on
  4. I forgot about checking in on twitter on friday and saturday, so was trying to make up for it today.
example of the wrong hashtag….I was using edtech 300 instead of edtc300…

So today I spent some time reviewing the weekly plans as well as asking questions in discord to set myself straight. I have decided that I will set an alarm in my phone everyday to remind me to do the following every day:

  1. Post one article to twitter
  2. Comment on minimum of one twitter post
  3. Comment on 1 blog post
  4. Make sure to always enter the hashtag first on twitter so that I do not forget.

I hope that this structure will help me get into a daily social media routine. It is definitely a habit I need to work on as my social media usage is pretty non-exisistent unless you count my mindless scrolling of Facebook which really had not professional benefits at all.


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  1. Hi Brandy,

    I was immediately enticed by your title because I 100% thought the same thing when it was first mentioned. Twitter has always been a confusing place for me as well and I’ve always seen people say bad things about it so I’ve avoided it for the longest time, but I’m glad that you’re figuring it out and reading into it to help you out! I’m also inspired by you adding structure to using Twitter because it adds so much clarity to what I should be doing instead of mindlessly browsing for hours just to remember that I was on the app for a reason!

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