Are You Coding Me?

Are You Coding Me?

Are you kidding me? This was so much fun!! I completed the Hour of Code T-Rex Game on and had a blast creating my own T-rex game. Here is my certificate for proof 🙂

My progress:

Step 1 

Step 2

Step 4

Step 4 Roadblock

At this point, I was getting frustrated because every time I pressed play this error message popped up. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong but after going back, reading the instructions again and executing properly, I was able to make it work.

The rest of the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. It was pretty much smooth sailing except for that one hiccup.

My thoughts about this were:

“Wow, this is fun!”

“I feel so smart right now!”

“I can’t wait to show my friends!”

“I am definitely going to show this to my students!”


What do I think about coding?

Coding is something I didn’t know anything about until I took Computer Science 100 in University. I found it cool at that time as well but I find it sad that many students don’t get exposed to coding until University just like me. For many students interested in technology and video games, introducing them to coding could keep them in school. Knowing there is opportunity for them to pursue a career that involves coding could motivate and excite them to go to post secondary school. This is a simple thing we could integrate into schools that actually applies to the real world. I believe that students would be very engaged while doing a coding activity such as this one. I think they would get excited being able to create games on their own.

One thought on “Are You Coding Me?

  1. Hey Brooke,

    I agree!! This coding experience was so fun and I think students would really enjoy the opportunity to almost make a game out of it. The only downfall would be frustration levels if they kept getting stuck but that is something we could definitely help, as teachers, work them around.


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