If It Wasn’t for Duo…

If It Wasn’t for Duo…

To be honest, I haven’t really been keeping up with my learning project this week. The only thing that has been keeping me going this week has been Duolingo. Not wanting to lose my streak has been what has kept me motivated to keep learning each day. Most days, I have been so busy during the day that I only remember to do it right before bed so I don’t spend much time on it. For a couple days over the weekend I was given access to the premium version which meant I had unlimited hearts each day and that I could keep practicing no matter how many mistakes I made. This was fun and made me want to practice more for some reason. They really know what they are doing when they give you limited access to the premium version because then you get so used to it that it makes you actually want to purchase it. I am not going to purchase it though, despite how much it probably would benefit me. I just don’t have the funds for that right now unfortunately. The non-paid version is good enough for me 🙂

This time I screenrecorded me playing Duolingo on my IPhone to show you more of how it works for those of you that haven’t used it before. Here is the link to the video. In this video, you will see me complete one full lesson. I didn’t do so well on this one. As you can see I ended with only 2 stars (meaning I only have two more lives/mistakes for the day before I am no longer allowed to play and will have to wait for my hearts to reset tomorrow). I am starting to find that it is getting way harder for me. I used to be able to get through a couple lessons with little to no mistakes but now am finding that I make more mistakes.

I am still motivated to keep learning and hope that one day French will come more natural to me. I think that I will continue to play Duolingo and extend my streak even when this class is over because it is fun for me and feels like I have accomplished something every time I see the streak increase by a day. Are you going to continue to do the thing you have been learning during the learning project even when the assignment and class is over? Why or why not?

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