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Digital Identity is an important topic in the world we live in now. I have always had one account on every social media app that interested me. When I was growing up social media started becoming a thing when I was in like grade 6 or 7. I got my first Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat account. We were told at school about how it is important to keep these accounts private. So that’s what I believed in. Then once I started taking this class I was told we needed to have a twitter account. I did not really want all my classmates to see me sharing all about all my interests outside of Education. So, off I went and decided to make a professional themed Twitter account. In the back of my head, I was kind of critical of myself for some reason. But like N. Lee says that she has five accounts on some social media platforms and “┬áMy audience in each case overlaps to some degree, but they’re not the same.“. I am not saying that I am ashamed of things that I have on some of my public accounts it just is that as the article says “Different sites, different audiences, different purposes.

In the Ted Talk by Monica Lewinsky, called “The Price of Shame”, it talked about how everyone makes mistakes in their 20’s. Before this, the news was only brought up through three sources. But now even before Social Media was a thing the Digital world was starting to pick up and she got dragged through the mud with name calling and cyber bullying. This lady lived a private life and then one day she was known by all because of mistakes she made. As I mentioned before I was scared to have a digital identity but now after this class I am glad that I know ways that I can help to control the things that are seen when you type in your name. In class, Katia said something similar to “it is your job to make yourself presented in a positive way and that is by controlling the message and selling yourself in a positive way.” It is important to consider if the choices you make are something you would be proud of if everyone got to see it but at the same time when you have a chance sell yourself in a positive light when the opportunity arises.

This week in EDTC-300 we were challenged to cyber-sleuth one of our peers. So, luckily we have a great place on Slack that we can connect with our peers. Jesse Braden and I decided to partner up, and even though we do not really know each other the internet and Digital Identity allows us to learn about each other. Below I will list some of the things that I was able to learn about him.

  • He started as a Business major and realized that he had a passion for teaching because the great role models he had as a student. While looking at his Facebook I can see that he has held jobs at Canadian Tire and worked for the City of Regina.
  • Even though he does not say his age anywhere I believe that he is about 24 years old. In his blog it talks about how he has an older sister and a twin brother and he grew up in Regina. He attended school at Ruth Pawson Elementary School and Thom Colligate High School.
  • It was also interesting to learn that he likes to go to a Family farm near Ituna, Saskatchewan.
  • His Facebook page let me know that he won an award playing football in his youth and that he played basketball.
  • Throughout his social media I have learned that he likes Basketball, Football, Hockey, Dogs, History and Political Science. The only thing I believe that I could find that he does not like is the New England Patriot’s.
  • I do not believe that his Facebook page is private, on it I found that he rarely posts but when he does it is sharing things from the news. I can see that when he was younger he used Facebook to communicate with his friends. I honestly did not see anything that was incriminating though.
  • On Twitter it looks like he has had it since at least 2018 but only two of the posts are from before this semester started. Now he posts on a regular basis and it all looks like things that he believes in and are good resources for his career.
  • Based on his digital footprint I definitely trust this person because it looks like they have a passion for the goal and career they headed into. I also believe that this person in hitting the sweet spot for sharing things on social media.
  • I do not have any advice really for @JesseJBraden other than keep doing what you have been doing an using digital resources to further your knowledge in all aspects of your career.

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