Outerspace Yoga, Trauma-Informed Practice and Unboxing Video Equipment!

For this week’s learning, I reviewed an idea from one of the kids yoga websites I follow: Kids Yoga Stories.

The title of this Yoga Lesson is “Family Yoga in Outer Space” but it can easily be adapted for the classroom, by renaming it to “Classroom Yoga in Outerspace”

I really liked the ideas for warming up by pretending to be a spaceship, and going through different outer space movements and references. It sounds so fun! This activity could be done in a larger space, with a teacher to guide the class, and by letting kids take turns to demo or teach! Some matching art cards would be a helpful tool. There are lots of other great classroom ideas here too. Space alien craft project, anyone?

Benefits of Yoga for Children:

-Calms and clears the mind

-Brings your child into the present moment

-Relieves tension and stress

-Increases concentration, focus and attention span

-Promotes thinking and boosts memory

-Stimulates auditory processing and responsiveness

-Expands imagination and creativity

Improves ability to be less reactive, more mindful of thoughts, speech and action

-Reduces stress and anxiety

-Balances low/high energy levels

-Improves attention and emotional control

-Positively influences neurotransmitter function

-Flynn, L. (2013). Yoga for Children. Adams Media, p. 22

Providing a Trauma-Informed Yoga Environment (knowledge base from my own training background)

-Providing and emphasizing choice

-Helping kids to feel a sense of control over their own body

-Be positive and encouraging

-If a child wants to observe instead of participating, let that be okay. Teach them that they are allowed to make choices with their own body!

-Provide access to doorways and exits (and make sure you have a helper to check on kiddos if anyone needs to take a break!). Be aware of lighting. There is always the potential for triggers, including emotional and physical safety triggers in traumatized kids.

-Provide opportunities to feel what’s happening in their body in safe, supportive ways and environments

-Let them know it’s okay to stop anytime.

This week, I was also able to get some of my video equipment unboxed and closer to being ready to be used. Here it is: nicely organized in the back of my closet!

3 thoughts on “Outerspace Yoga, Trauma-Informed Practice and Unboxing Video Equipment!”

  1. Hey Dani!,

    Kids yoga! Wow that sounds so fun and also relaxing! I took hot yoga with my friend a few years ago and although we had fun watching each other struggle with the poses, we both agreed it was not for us! Sometimes I catch myself wondering if I could ever do it again so I cant wait to see what you continue to learn! It’s a nice feeling that you have a spot to do your yoga also! I’m sure your kids will love to make content with you!

    Good luck and I cant wait to read more!

  2. Hi Dani! Your process is sounding great so far! I didn’t realize how many benefits there were from participating in kids yoga— I foresee myself incorporating it into my future classroom as a brain break for sure. I also really appreciate the research that went into this, so interesting!

  3. Hey Dani, I’m really impressed by the progress and the work you are putting in. I also participated in yoga for two weeks for a class and experienced many benefits. As you listed there are many benefits to kid’s yoga, and something many teachers should include in the curriculum. After viewing your post and my short experience in yoga, I will be trying to include kids yoga as a future educator, and make sure my children participate someday.

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