“Twitter is Whatever You Want It To Be.”

How can Twitter be used in the classroom?

-Twitter Chats 

-Sharing Resources – using hashtags and having specific hashtags for a class or group

-Collaborative Learning – sharing ideas with a focused learning purpose

-Developing a sense of community through class engagement

Twitter is used for a variety of interactions:

-Hashtags -Mentions -Replies -Networking -Dialoging

How can Twitter be used as a professional development tool?

Twitter is a great way for education students as well as new teachers to access a variety of resources. One of the suggestions made in class is to find different people and groups to follow.

Connecting with other students in education has huge benefits, for helping us learn together, share our ideas, and grow as a community of educators.

“Twitter is whatever you want it to be” – Teach Thought

I found a great guide for Teachers getting started. 

Here are some of the best Educational Accounts on Twitter to follow!

Some of my personal challenges using Twitter so far:

-Keeping it brief is hard for me! During the class #SaskEdChat I found myself wanting to write long comments, but having to reduce my words to fit the limits, and then struggling to keep up with the pace of the chat as a result!

-Linking Twitter to my blog site took me a bit of playing around, but eventually I got it!

-There are so many interesting people, groups, chats and hashtags to follow. It was hard for me to stay focused!

And finally, from the journal of Educational Technology:

“Students, teachers, and other stakeholders use it as a pedagogical tool to gain information, interact and engage with each other, participate in their respective communities of interests, and share their insights about specific topics. Moreover, Twitter has the potential to enhance students’ learning capabilities as well as improve their motivation and engagement due to its unique features and non-traditional teaching approach.”

Retrieved from: https://educationaltechnologyjournal.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s41239-019-0166-x

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  1. Hi Dani,
    I like the two sources embedded in the reading. I went through and followed some of them. Thank you. I agree that Twitter as an educational tool is engaging and can enhance learning. You are not alone in adding Twitter as a widget to your blog. It took me a while also to figure it out.

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