Using iMovie: My first take!

Last weekend, I set out to use iMovie for the first time.

I was nervous. I was born a perfectionist, but over time, my values have softened to becoming more realistic and gentle with myself in my own processes. However, I was definitely feeling my own internal pressure to make the first video as well as possible.

After watching a few iMovie tutorials, and checking out some videos made using iMovie, I felt ready for my next steps.

  1. Set up a shooting space in my bedroom
  2. Record video using iPhone and my Logix Flexpod
  3. Snap some photos 
  4. Use Voice Memos App on iPhone to record an audio file

Later Steps:

  1. Use Text Art app to create a thumbnail for the video
  2. Create YouTube Space for uploading and sharing the video

Using iMovie

  1. Open a New Project
  2. Name the project. To do this click the back arrow with “Projects” in the very top left corner. A new window will appear. You can enter in the title of your project here.
  3. Upload media into Project Media space. You can do this by browsing media, and pulling it into the Project Media space. I got my Project Media ready with all the files I needed first: Videos, Audio clip, and photos, so that I was ready to go!
  4. Drag down media into the bottom half section of the screen to begin putting the iMovie together. For my movie, I wanted to overlay an Audio clip with the videos. All I had to do was drag each of these files into the bottom section.
  5. I learned that to clip and delete files you need to: click on the first section then “command B” – then click on the end “command b” and hit “delete.” It is that simple!
  6. Then I could just move the video and audio clips around slightly, drag down the pictures to where I wanted them, drag out the pictures for the length of time I wanted them to play for.
  7. After getting the basics figured out, I realized I could add a short sound effect clip at the start of the film. There are many free songs and sounds that come with iMovie. I used a rain sound.
  8. I also figured out how to zoom in and out of photos for different effects.

It was a solid learning experience for me. I feel happy with my work, as a first time user. I have so much yet to learn, but I feel grateful to have figured out the basics! It was exciting to make a YouTube Channel – I am working on plans to make more videos in the future.

Here is the final product:

One thought on “Using iMovie: My first take!”

  1. Dani! This is so awesome! What a fabulous post! I love your video. I have not explored iMovie so thank you for giving step-by-step instructions! I also really appreciate how organized you have set your blog up. It is very easy to navigate. And thanks for the guided meditation! Best of luck with your learning project!

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