Breathing with Bubbles – YouTube movie project using iMovie, Canva and Epidemic Sound

My learning project work continues this week! Here is the finished product:

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Emily came by. I had asked her to help me explore some kids yoga practices with me and my two kids. In my learning project (kids yoga) one of the big insights I have had is this:

Practicing yoga with kids is so much better with friends!

In fact, having a high adult to child ratio when exploring yoga with kids will make a practice go smoother, easier, and allow for more 1:1 attention for the littles – especially when you are working with younger children.

This advice applies both in the classroom, and at home…the more support available for children, the better!

For this video, I used a few apps:


Epidemic Sound


Here are a few helpful handouts and links on breathing exercise with kids:

Calm Breathing Handout for Parents and Educators

Five Fun Breathing Exercises for Kids

10 Breathing Exercises for Kids with Anxiety or Anger

4 thoughts on “Breathing with Bubbles – YouTube movie project using iMovie, Canva and Epidemic Sound”

  1. Wow Dani, your finished product looks amazing! Your kids are adorable & it looks like they really enjoyed your yoga activity! Thanks for sharing those other resources as well, I’ll be sure to take a look and add them to my collection.

  2. Dani, This looks like you put a lot of hard work into your finished product! It turned out amazing! I had no idea that 1:1 ratios when doing yoga with children was beneficial! This will be a good thing to remember and like Sydney said thank you for sharing all of the resources! Great additions to collected teacher resources.

  3. I loved your post and the video you incorporated with it! Bubbles can be so calming and exciting at the same time. Bubbles are also a great way to get children focused on what they are doing since blowing bubbles is so fascinating. Thanks for sharing all these resources in your post!

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