Coding My Own Flappy Bird

June 18, 2021 1 By elb776

In this weeks class we learned a little bit about coding and for this blog post I’ll be taking you through what making my own Flappy Bird game looked like!

The first thing I did was went to and played an Hour of Code. I chose the Flappy bird game to reminisce when it was still available to play, it was one of my favourite games! I first watched the video to understand how this game would work, it seemed pretty self explanatory!

So when I first started it is very easy, it was just telling me to click my mouse to flap my wings, it was very easy. However is started to get a little bit more challenging around level five because it added many more events that you had to code.

As you can see there are three events now so Flappy was doing more and more each level. If you read the instructions it tells you pretty much exactly what to do.In the photo as you can see, I added a scoreboard by getting a point every time you successfully passed an obstacle. I enjoyed that after every level it reset so you had to replace all of your codes, I thought that by the end it helped me learn a lot faster! I also loved that you could add any sound you wanted.

As the levels went on more events were given to code which made it a little harder each time with trying to remember your last code as well as figuring out the new one.

I thought that level seven was so fun because you could customize your game and the scenes in the background. It also gave more events to code. As the levels went on it got more tricky but I found it more fun as the game went on because you could make it more and more your own!

By the last level you could completely customize your game! I thought this was so fun, I made my scoreboard, changes the scenery, etc.! Any kid would love this game!

I love and the hour of coding because it has many different games with differing grade levels so there is a game for every student no matter the level they are at! I think that coding is such a great way for students to challenge their problem solving skills as well as logic, creativity, communication, math, writing etc! I also LOVE that it shows a certificate at the end, because what student doesn’t love seeing a fancy piece of paper with their name on it! 🙂 I will for sure be using with my students!