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June 15, 2021 2 By elb776

Welcome to learning project post #6 where I learn how to use Iron On Vinyl to make a sweatshirt!! I have been looking forward to learning how to make clothing with my cricut, but I wanted to save the best for last 

This was my inspiration for the sweatshirt I wanted to make. First things first was getting to know how to use Cricut Iron on. This is where youtube became handy once again. This was the first video I watched

I really enjoyed this video for a few reasons, I loved how specific she was. She made sure to talk about the little details like making sure your mirror is on, making sure out mat is lined up under the hooks, changing your settings. This video was by far the most specific and detail oriented that I watched. The problem that I ran into with this video was that she used a massive heat press which I definitely don’t have.  The next thing I had to learn was how to use an iron to press the vinyl because a Cricut Heat Press is like $400. 

To learn how to use an iron I watched this video. In this video, he suggested using a cricut mat or a towel would work as well, so I went for the towel. Next, he suggested using a Teflon sheet which I also did not have so I just used a thin tea towel. This didn’t work great as it took so much longer for the heat to actually get to the vinyl, for my next iron on project I will definitely try parchment paper rather than a tea towel. I liked that he made sure to mention not to use steam because the highest setting on my iron used steam so I had to make sure to drain all of the water that was in it previously. Another thing that I thought was super good of him to mention was having a timer set on your phone so you aren’t going over how long you should be pressing. Now this is where I strayed away from the video, this guy went ahead and pressed the vinyl on with no Teflon or towel or anything. I was nervous to do this because I didn’t want the plastic to melt and wreck my mom’s iron! This is where I grabbed that tea towel which also didn’t work great because it was taking FOREVER. Like I said, next time I’ll try with parchment paper. This was the only video I watched to use a regular household iron instead of the Cricut Easypress and it was super easy to follow and worked like a charm! 

Check out the Tik Tok I made documenting my progress (also can we just acknowledge how much better my transitions have gotten). 


Make a Cricut Sweater with Me! (University of Regina – EDTC 300 – Ericka Brock)

♬ Cookie – Jeff Kaale

Be sure to check out my next blog post where I’ll be documenting my learning as a whole! I’ll be making projects using the draw feature, regular vinyl, and iron on vinyl! Thanks for tuning in 🙂