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What I Learned in EDTC300

Hey everyone! Check out this video I made explaining everything I’ve learned in EDTC 300. I will take you through each class and point out what I learned from each day! Thanks for following me along this journey 🙂

By elb776 June 19, 2021 2

Contributing to The Learning of Others

In the course EDTC300, one of the main takeaways is the use of technology to encourage learning. This blog will be dedicated to how I contributed to the learning of others!  First well start off with replying to my classmates’ blogs! I tried to be as positive as I could when commenting on people’s blogs…

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Becoming A Cricut Master

As this spring course went on, I became craftier and craftier, thanks to my Cricut! However now that we are finishing up this semester, I will also be finishing up my learning project! Lets take a look at my progress. Week 1: Cricut Air Explore 2: Lets Do This Thing In this blog post I…

By elb776 June 18, 2021 2

Coding My Own Flappy Bird

In this weeks class we learned a little bit about coding and for this blog post I’ll be taking you through what making my own Flappy Bird game looked like! The first thing I did was went to and played an Hour of Code. I chose the Flappy bird game to reminisce when it…

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What We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Welcome to learning project post #6 where I learn how to use Iron On Vinyl to make a sweatshirt!! I have been looking forward to learning how to make clothing with my cricut, but I wanted to save the best for last  This was my inspiration for the sweatshirt I wanted to make. First things first was…

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In a world where fake news and information is everywhere, it becomes more important than ever to teach students about digital literacy. What is digital literacy you ask, Western City University describes it as, “Understanding how to use web browsers, search engines, email, text, wiki, blogs, Photoshop, Powerpoint, video creation/editing software, etc. to showcase learning. Evaluating online resources…

By elb776 June 10, 2021 2

Cybersleuthing & Digital Identity

Cybersleuthing, how fun! Looking someone up and seeing what I can find out about them! Honestly, looking at my partner was kind of creepy. Not because there was anything bad that I found but because I felt like I was being a creep.  The first thing I did was a search on google, I simply just…

By elb776 June 7, 2021 1

Testing Cricut Life Hacks

Welcome to my learning project post #5 where I put Cricut Life Hacks to the test!  Using a Cricut can be kind of challenging and very expensive so I’m hoping that these life hacks will make crafting a little easier and affordable! Life Hack 1: Cleaning my mat After using your mat the stickiness starts…

By elb776 June 4, 2021 2

Digital Citizenship in My Classroom

This week in class we learned about Ribble’s nine elements of digital citizenship. Digital citizenship refers to the use of technology in appropriate and responsible ways. In Ribble’s post, he shows teachers how to educate their students to use technology to its maximum capacity. Since technology is used for mostly everything, I think it is…

By elb776 June 3, 2021 1