Let’s Get The Form Right!

May 16, 2021 3 By Gledi Toci

In my first post, I tried to perform a strict muscle-up, which is something that is not easy for many people since less than 1% of people can do it. I will be learning a technique called a kick-up muscle up. Most people learn to do a muscle-up is through this technique, which uses more swing and legs to perform. I will be following this youtube video to find and practice my perfect form.

In addition for this week, I will be doing four specific exercises to help perform a muscle-up. I will be going to the gym a second time on Wednesday and Sunday to put in the extra practice. I will make a time-lapse of the exercises along with my weekly attempt. I will be including a set of each exercise due to a 60 second time limit, however, I will be doing 3 sets of each exercise. First video of me fixing my technique along with my exercises Tuesday.