Blog Post Week 7

October 25, 2021 0 By Gledi Toci

After reading both Lopez and Brook’s articles, I feel as if I have a farther better understanding of relevant pedagogy in the classroom, as well as how to better contribute to the sense of self in my classroom. Firstly, I have become more aware of the importance of equality in a classroom. Having each student feel equal and important, only improves students learning abilities. We really need to make sure students feel as if they are relating to the class contact, as well as equally representing them no matter their racial, cultural background. During certain assignments, some good questions to ask could be “How did you feel while you were reading the
poems? Were you able to relate to the experiences described? If so how? If not why not” (Lopez, 2011 pg. 83). These questions as Lopez describes it will help students think about their own identity and race. Even though talking about race is a difficult topic in Canada, I want to make sure to address all aspects of race and not focus or give power to strictly one. As someone who is viewed as a foreign in Canada, I am looking forward to making my classroom culturally, racially equal. Everyone will have a voice and share their experiences and opinions, being heard by others and continuing to learn from one another.

The second article by Brook, “Placing elementary music education: a case study of a Canadian rural music program”, gave me an interesting perspective I did not have before. Music connects people, and each person’s taste or music is almost different every time. Music also allows students to express themselves and can be a way for students to learn about one another. Meaning us teachers have the “opportunity to expose students to new and different music is also considered to be an important part of music education” (Brook, 2013 pg. 292). In addition, I will be creating a sense of place for my students, for inclusive education. My students will never feel as if they are culturally, racially minority in my classroom, but are supported to write, sing, draw about it in assignments. Even sitting down and talking with all my students will be a key aspect as well as teaching them how to listen and respect others’ diversity.