Curriculum & Pedagogy as Process: Summary of Learning

December 6, 2021 0 By Gledi Toci

This course has been extremely educational, and also exciting. It was fun meeting new people and always had the chance to talk to other students in breakout rooms. Every time I started something in the zoom call it felt like my opinions were heard. I finished all the blog posts required for this course, and I want to say they were well done. My favorite one was the blog on the hidden curriculum because I really felt like I learned a lot from my blog post, and it was very well written and organized. My favorite comment was the one on Jordelle’s blog in week 9. I like to think I gave a very well-written response, with good feedback. I agreed and disagreed with her blog post, with valid reasoning and explanations.

For my summary of learning, I became an artist once again. I made a song alone this time, including lyrics related to our class content. I tried to make the verses in chronological order, having three verses and a chorus. I had my friends and myself add some adlibs in the background to make it sound even more finished as a song. I think it turned out well, hope you enjoy it.

Lyrics Underneath


Intro: Alright we back, this time ECS rap, no Mingyong this time though sadly 

Alright Let’s Go

Verse 1:

I’m about to pop off that should be clear, and it’s somehow the end of the year. The class went by very fast I gotta say, but left with new knowledge every day. What is commonsense, What are its effects? Questions Kumashiro made clear with nothing but facts. There is no “right way” to do things  it is all taught in culture and society, meaning we need to be accepting of all, that’s what I call variety. On terms of society, I was never considered a good student, always got in trouble and struggled to listen got me thinking I was the problem, and deserved no recognition. We need to stop the harassment, sexism, and discrimination and once and for all fix education. Is it gonna be treating the curriculum as a process, product, praxis, or syllabus and for once include the indigenous? 


Change needs to happen to educationnnnn, and make a difference for the next generationnnn 

Lets this song be a perfect example on why hip hop needs to be implemented in a classroom, 

Let’s give students the voice they need and help them  truly succeed 

Verse 2:

Let’s include Indigenous people Canada has been saying for years, however, looking at the outcomes it’s to what it appears. Every grade barely mentioned the Indigenous, the people of this land, and their culture they refuse to understand. We need to learn about their history and side of the story, and stop letting the Europeans have all the glory. We are all treaty people that we gotta keep in mind, instead of leaving it behind. We need to connect with the land much like the Indigenous did, create a new learning environment even for our own future kid. Place-based learning that is, it needs to be introduced and implanted, students learning about all animals, plants, and our beautiful planet. 

Chorus: Change needs to happen to educationnnnn, and make a difference for the next generationnnn 

Lets this song be a perfect example on why hip hop needs to be implemented in a classroom

Let’s be inclusive of everyone and give students the voice they need, and help them truly succeed 

Verse 3:

The politics decide what we are learning how is that fair when teachers are the ones in the classrooms up and aware. They know what needs to be changed let’s give them some power, and finally let them stand tall like a sunflower.  Let’s cut down racism discrimination and all the hate, wouldn’t that be great. I learned so much in this course it got me really thinking and gave me a vision, and realized the importance for us to just sit and listen. Students often fear to come out as lesbian, gay, transgender or the umbrella term queer. Because they often think no support will be near. Let’s make a change, the future is in our hands. And not sit and watch it from afar isn’t that equivalent to us just clapping from the stands.