Jacquie’s Jog Log update…in action!


Really? You run for fun?

Here is the link to the vlog I create for this week’s learning project post.

The links (and minor info) I couldn’t tag in my video:
1. Tips for beginner runners
-I definitely keep the ‘go slower but go for longer’ in the back of my mind. I just want the habit to stick, so I’ll keep that one.
-I also have kept her breathing technique (2 breaths in, 1 breath out) as my #1 ‘just keep going’ hack and it works – it gives me something to focus on and definitely steadies my breathing.
-Like I said in my video, I have a running partner who is better than me at running and it makes a positive difference.
-got the shoes (also thanks to the other account I actually tagged in the video)
-physio isn’t necessary right now, but duly noted.
-this is the first ‘beginner tips’ video I watched and I actually found I learned and internalized the most from this video than all the other videos on this topic I watched

2. Running tips & humour combo
-She is my favourite. I’m not a marathon runner but I watch her videos anyways because she is funny, realistic, and relatable
-#1 thing I took from this video is NO COTTON and it has paid off (or at the very least it hasn’t been a hard lesson learned)
-maybe I should pick something to start counting and add that into my updates?

3. Shoe advice
-obviously shoes are a pretty important part of this whole thing, so I took his advice and my feet are happy (that’s all I know because I honestly wouldn’t know any better if they were making me a better runner or not)

4. Recording advice
-I just realized…I think I recorded my video on 1, not .5 …what a running recording fail. Next time…


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