My Piano Recital For My Biggest Fan- Me!

For my final learning project, I played “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton! I was so excited to be able to play the song, there was one part of the song that I struggled with, and I plan on practicing more. I think my next step in the song process is fixing up the part I am struggling with. Then I will work on memorizing the song so that I can whip out my piano-playing skills whenever there is a piano nearby.

When I was practicing for this song, I thought it would be funny to write out lyrics to the song that has something to do with our EDTC class. You can find the lyrics below, the bolded parts are my lyrics and the other half are the lyrics from “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton.

Making my way downtown- Chillin in EDTC

Walking fast, faces pass and I’m homebound- Blogging it up, playing bops, and were learning

Staring blankly ahead- Zooming into class

Just making my way- ready to learn

Making a way through the crowd- Learning about Twitter

And I need you- and bios

And I miss you- and hashtags

And now I wonder- and now we all know

If I could fall into the sky- Blogs need links and images

Do you think time would pass me by?- We need posts not pages

‘Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles- ‘Cause you know i did my learning project

If I could just see you tonight- and posted it online

It’s always times like these when I think of you- At 7pm we gathered round started to learn

And wonder if you ever think of me – Thinking about cybersaftey

‘Cause everything’s so wrong, and I don’t belong- Cause everythings so sad and things go bad

Living in your precious memory- trusting in internet strangers

‘Cause I need you- cause it’s scary

And I miss you- and dangerous

And now I wonder- and we hope our students know

If I could fall into the sky- If they dont know, we’ll help them learn

Do you think time would pass me by?- do not trust randos on Social sites

Oh, ’cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles- OH cause you know even friends of friends

If I could just see you tonight- just might not be real

And I, I don’t wanna let you know- And we, we built eportfolios

I, I drown in your memory- we, we expressed ourselves online

I, I don’t wanna let this go- we, we read eachothers posts

I, I don’t- we, we blogged

Making my way downtown- Now that we are all done

Walking fast, faces pass and I’m homebound- we will take what we learned to the classroom

Staring blankly ahead, just making my way- teaching our students, how to be

Making a way through the crowd- responsible and safe online

And I still need you- And we are still learning

And I still miss you- We’ll make mistakes

And now I wonder- but we’ll look back on

If I could fall into the sky- what we we learned, in EDTC

Do you think time would pass us by?- I know we will remember why

‘Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles- we need to keep a strong digital 

If I could just see you, oh-oh- IDENTITY

If I could fall into the sky- Our main takeaway from this course

Do you think time would pass me by?- To teach students to be safe online

‘Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles- as well as use all our resources

If I could just see you- and broaden their minds

If I could just hold you- to give them the best 

tonight- EDUCATION

Please find my voice memo of me playing “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton, just a reminder, I am definitely not a piano-playing genius but I tried my best and I plan on continuing my progress.

I had a great time learning the piano and as I went through my past posts I found some photos that show just how much I love the piano. Whether it be smiling while I play or goofing around for the camera I had a blast.

Thanks for reading, you’re a gem ?

I’ll catch you next time.


Update: I went to Costco today and I sat down at the piano and continued to practice the section of the song I remembered.

I know the sound quality isn’t the best, but I am excited to practice whenever I get the chance.

I Tried My Best But I Plan On Getting Better

My final EDTC post! I didn’t know where to start! How can I summarize everything I’ve learned and practiced? I will start with a quick review of my blog posts

Week 1

  • I set my goal of playing “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. We sang the song on my high school basketball team while we were waiting for our trainer to start our workout. It was a really beautiful moment and my goal was to be able to play this song in a similar

Week 2

  • I started to learn the keys of the piano. To remember them I started labeling each key on the piano. As I started to get better, I was able to take off more and more sticky notes. The last sticky note I took off was for the Middle C

Week 3

  • I started playing songs that were more challenging. I went from playing Mary Had a Little Lamb to playing “All of Me” by John Legend. This week I also used the tool Time Lapse. Although I would whole heartedly recommend this tool in the classroom it needs to be used properly. Because I used time lapse my videos did not have any sound. This proves that although the tool is useful, it is not helpful in every classroom area.

Week 4

  • This week I used the piano app Simply Piano. I think that there are many apps that can be useful in the classroom. This app was very helpful in my learning process however, the cost was too extreme to pay for a subscription. If the price was lowered or if the app was used in a music class where many students used it, it would be very helpful.

Week 5

  • I started playing the piano with two hands. The left-hand plays the lower and slower notes on the piano and the right plays the melody.

Week 6

  • This week I looked at piano theory. I practiced reading notes on sheet music. This is a skill that I defiantly did not master. When I read pieces previously in my life, I only focused on treble clef so reading music in base clef was a tough transition.

Week 7

  • I played a bunch of different songs this week. There were all at about the same difficulty level. However, the difficulty level was a bit too difficult for me! I solved this problem by using final cut pro to speed up my playing. This is a useful tool, however, something that not all schools have. I think that any tool that can show a student’s progress in a short time would be great for them to see their progress!

Week 8

  • This week I played “I Can Show You the World” from Disney’s Aladdin. I used the voice memo tool to record my piano playing. I will use this app whenever necessary in the classroom. Because you can voice record while using other apps, I was able to record while reading the piano music off my phone. This is great for any students who need to record themselves but have their notes on a separate document on their phones. I also included the importance other apps on my phone like the reminder’s app or the clock app to help with time management.

Week 9

  • I started my overall goal of playing “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton! It took a lot of practice and it took me practicing daily to understand one section of the song. I used the Reminders app and the Clock app to help me with my time management.

Week 10

For my final learning project, I played “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton!


Thanks for reading, you’re a gem ?

I’ll catch you next time.


Update: I went to Costco today and I sat down at the piano and continued to practice the section of the song I remembered.

I know the sound quality isn’t the best, but I am excited to practice whenever I get the chance.

I Can (Try To) Help!

I am always looking for support from my colleagues which means that I must do my best to support them as well! EDTC 300 was a very supportive community. Sometimes it is hard to find friends in online classes, but it was helpful that I made friends in other classes that transferred over to EDTC.

Comments on Other People’s Blogs

My comments on other people’s blog posts were more encouraging rather than informational. Although I did give some advice on classmates’ song choices. You can see some of my comments in the images below.

Help Outside of the Classroom

A few classmates and I made a group chat on Snapchat. It was really helpful to talk through assignments and confirm due dates with each other. The group chat says “Blog Post Mondays because every Monday we would meet up in the afternoon and write our blog posts for the week. This was a great way for us to bond and get our work done at the same time.

Participation on Twitter

I enjoyed tweeting, and although I didn’t tweet every day, I found it a very useful tool to find resources for lessons and learn from other teachers. Some images from my Twitter are below. 

Participation on Discord

I was least communicative on Discord, although I did try my best to help those when I could. An example is in the video below.

Overall, I am proud of my participation in this class, helping people when I could!


Grab Your Popcorn and Watch What We’ve Learned!

This has been a very interesting class! I enjoyed taking the class along with my friend Faith. So we decided for our summary of learning, we should work together. Our first plan was to explain our summary of learning just by sitting down and talking about what we had learned. And although that would have worked well, we wanted to change it up a little bit. So instead of talking about our learning, we decided to act it out. Please take a look at our summary of learning, and I hope you enjoy it!

A Thousand Miles? More Like A Thousand Tries

My goal at the beginning of the year was to be able to play “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. This week I started the task. Throughout this semester I practiced different songs building in difficulty until I got to where I am. When I sat down at the piano, I was excited to start learning. Although I tried my best throughout the semester, I was only able to play the song with one hand. I couldn’t train my brain to think about two different hand movements while also keeping time and hitting the right notes! My respect goes out to all the piano players out there because this is a tough instrument to play.

When I started playing this song I found a website called Sheet Music Direct. This website sold sheet music for around $5 unless you got a subscription to the company. I was not keen on spending $10 a month for sheet music so I went for the free trial to test out the website.

Honestly, it was not my favorite site. The sheet music was good, but it gave no context on how the song should sound. This is a debatable concept because if I was good at reading sheet music I probably would have had a better chance of appreciating the website. One part that I did appreciate from the sheet music was the letters shown on the notes. I know where all the keys on the piano are, but reading the sheet music is still difficult and a slow painful process so I am glad the note letters were provided in the music.

So then I had to do some sleuthing. I found a few different videos that taught me how to play this song, but the one I found is from YouTube linked here. YouTube is possibly one of the most useful tools to use when teaching students. There are so many different videos put on the app, so as long as the teacher has an idea of the videos being shown to the class, YouTube is a tool that should be utilized constantly.

With the help of the YouTube video, I was able to play the melody of “A Thousand Miles”! This was a difficult challenge because when I first sat down to play, the song was almost unrecognizable. I even had some of my friends ask if I should choose a different song! I don’t blame them though; it was not going great! I decided to take a break and go on a road trip to Walmart (that store makes everything better)! When I came back, I gave the song another shot. This time I focused on one section of the song, (1:20- 1:55). This part of the song gave me so much struggle! But after a lot of practice (and a few tears), I finally got the section of the song, and after that, I was off to the races!

This was the practice week but be ready for the performance next week!

Thanks for reading!

You’re a Gem

I Can Practice Piano

I took a break from piano practicing and let me tell you it was not a good idea! When I started playing again, I became very overwhelmed because I felt like I lost a lot of my skills because I hadn’t been practicing enough. My solution was a very simple one the reminder app on my phone! I asked Siri to remind me every day to practice piano and that is what she did! Every day at 4 pm my phone alarm would go off and remind me to practice the piano.

Then I used the timer of my clock app to make sure that I only practiced for an hour. My struggle was that I wouldn’t practice piano for a few days and then I would practice for 3 hours! I was exhausting myself. When I practiced daily, I was able to improve my confidence in playing, and playing became less of a task and more of an excitement.

I think apps already provided on my iPhone like the reminders and clock apps are very helpful and something that I often take for granted. I think students can benefit similarly from apps like these. When I am teaching in my pre-internship, I always have a countdown timer playing for my students to know how much time they have left in the class. This is a tool I plan on using throughout my teaching career. The reminders app will be useful for my students who have access to phones when they are at home. I could even use the remind app that makes it possible for a teacher to professionally message students for reminders such as “make sure to bring your signed spelling test to school” or “today is track and field make sure you bring your running shoes”. These simple reminders could help students prepare for their day as well as cause teachers less havoc because the students hopefully will use the reminders to bring the necessary materials to the school.

The other tool I used for my piano lessons this week was voice memos. I tried my best to play the song “I Can Show You the World” from the Disney movie Aladdin. The voice memos were SO helpful! Previously I have watched videos or used apps to read my music, so I always had to use a friend’s phone to record my videos, however, the voice memos app is different. If I’m not playing or recording a video, I can use voice memos to track my progress. The voice memos allowed me to look back on my first recording of the day to my last so I could see how much I had improved with an hour of practice.

This was my first try playing the song. It is clear that I am struggling, in this first recording. The last recording I took, although not perfect was much better.

I would use voice memos in my classroom whether it be for the students to use to record themselves presenting or the teacher recording a lesson they teach for absent students; the voice memos app is a great tool!

Thanks for reading!

You’re a gem ☺️

I Believe You

…instances where an adult saying “I believe you” would have changed their lives. Imagine the difference across race, across class, across gender if we would say “I believe you” to one another instead of “really?” or “well, actually . . .” It is no small thing we do when we structure our classrooms around respect and empowerment — our words can make all the difference in the world.


As a teacher, I commit to using language with my students that will create a trust and allow students to see me as a safe place. Using the statement “I believe you” for small issues in the classroom gives students the opportunity to feel safe and understood if they have bigger issues at home. When a teacher responds to a student’s concerns with “I believe you” and then gives a opening to discuss a solution students feel accepted and gain the skill to talk issues out with their peers. People sometimes use other statements on students that try to make the student see things differently. The problem is these statements do not have the safe effect on students, they make students believe that the teacher only believes you if they agree with you. In these statements student’s declarations are questioned leading them to assume they will not be believed in the future. I commit to using the statement “I believe you” whenever a student comes to me with a problem they are having.

Faith Haberstock- I SEE YOU

I am a little scared about how good I am at finding information on the internet. My first step to looking into Faith Haberstock was pulling up an incognito tab on google. I am friends with Faith on all social media so I figured I should make this a bit harder on myself.

When I first googled Faith, I looked at google images. I quickly found that Faith was a dancer, played in a trumpet quintet, performed in speech arts, and got a $100 scholarship for Souris Valley Theatre Camp. Faith also graduated with Principal’s Distinction in 2020. This would lead me to believe that she was born in about 2002, which means she is about 20 right now.

When I looked at Faith’s eportfolio I found that she has an iPhone. So if I had the skill, need or knowledge on how to hack Faith, that’s where I’m guessing I would start! I also found out that Faith plays the French Horn, she’s learning to play the guitar and her favourite artist is Alec Benjamin

I started to take on the role of a super sleuth. I found the obituary of Faith’s grandfather and found her mom’s full name. When I googled Faith’s mom, I was able to find videos on YouTube of Faith performing poetry and speech arts.

It was very interesting looking at Faith online however I think it is time for me to hang up my sleuthing hat (at least for now)! I felt a little funky looking for the information about Faith, but it is clear to see how people who stalk others online can take the littlest piece of information and run with it until they know everything.

I Have Been Humbled

I have been doing my placement in a grade 4 classroom, where students are about 10 years old. When I was younger, I wasn’t allowed to get any social media until I was 13 but students in today’s world use social media as a communication tool. My cousin had to get Snapchat as a way to communicate with her volleyball coach and team. Students need to be literate to understand things that are appropriate and inappropriate to post on social media as well as who to add. Snapchat is a tricky subject because someone can add you on “Quick Add” and all you might see is their first name and their Bitmoji (if you are confused about what a Bitmoji is you can find an explanation here). The quick add section is where someone can add you because you have mutual friends. Snapchat thankfully tells you when someone added you on quick add or if they have searched up your username. The image below is from my personal Snapchat account. I have had a person try to add me 4 separate times using 4 different accounts.

This is from Snapchat, a few days later, she added me again using a different username

Something I have learned, and I will try to teach my students is actually to look at the name. Do you recognize the name? No? Well then don’t add them! Why do you want some stranger texting you or seeing your Snapchat stories? Sometimes someone’s username can come in handy as well. Some people have parts of their last name in their usernames or recognizable words. This is another tool to help your student think clearly before they add strangers on Snapchat.

Learning about online safety would build on the health curriculum in grade 4 and make connections to developing new relationships.

The scores you see below are my results to the quizzes “Can you spot the fake news headline?”, “Spot the troll”, and Break the fake. As you can see, I am not the best detective to when it comes to determining if an account is real or fake. However, I still swear by the method if you don’t know them, then don’t add them. You don’t need to be best friends to add someone on Snapchat but it is good to at least have an idea of who you are adding.

Can you spot the fake news headline?

Spot the Troll

Break the Fake

These quizzes have humbled me and my ability to spot a fake account. People on the internet have been getting very good at faking accounts and news headlines. This is why it is so important to fact-check your information including the site the information is coming from.


Thanks for reading,

You’re a gem ☺️

Cheese Puffs and Cake!

Coding is hard!! I understand that this coding isn’t what people who are in computer science take but I must say that I had a really hard time understanding it. I took on more than I could handle with this task. When I started, I wanted to do a task that had a cat who needed to jump on a milk carton, for the milk carton to crush, and then for the cat to shoot a ball into the basketball hoop. After about 2 hours of working on this cat jumping, moving, and crushing, I wasn’t making enough progress. However, I found a video from scratch linked here that explained how to make a simple jumping game. If you want to give my game a shot, feel free to click here! My game consists of a bowl of cheese puffs jumping over a cake. Scratch was very interesting to try. I think that having a basic knowledge of computers would be helpful because I found it difficult to use the different actions, and then when I thought I had an action that worked I would click the green flag, and nothing would happen! I also spoke to a few friends who have used scratch and they mentioned that they had trouble using it in school. I think that if I were to use Scratch in the classroom I would give the students the freedom to choose their characters and background, but then project the game onto the board so that the students can participate with the teacher while also using the program themselves.

Thanks for reading!