ECS 100 Biographical Paper

I grew up here in Regina and lived here my whole life. I have all my friends and family living here with me and I would never want to move. I have a younger brother who is about three years younger than me. I would say we have a good relationship for the most part, we do get along but there are times where we have our disagreements like any other siblings would. My parents got divorced when I was about six years old, I believe. I do not remember much from that time; it was pretty much a big blur in my life. This had a huge effect on my life as I wouldn’t have both of my parents together again, living in the same house, going on trips, for anything. Both sides of my family are Italian, which I love. I come from big families and everyone is so wonderful, I love them all. We have Sunday suppers at my nonna’s (grandma) every week so we can all see each other. I come from a very supportive family and I am very grateful for that every day.  

I have been through many years of school some which were good but some others that were not. Everyone has a different school experience no matter who you are. Not one person will have the same thoughts or perspective on someone else like you do. Teachers are all different in many ways, in teaching styles, exams, group work, etc. There are teachers that have had an impact on my life and others that did not. Most of my teachers however, have. I have been very lucky to have had some great teachers during my life and to have taught me so much. My elementary school experience was just as I expected it to be. Field trips and making friendships. My high school experience was something I really enjoyed. I did not think I would have liked high school, but after some time I got used to it. At first it was hard, losing friends and making new ones but eventually, I found the right people.  

My aspire to become a teacher developed over many years. I was unsure for such a long time of what I wanted to do when I am older. Teaching was not always my first choice, but I came to the realization that, that is what I want to do. I have two cousins and two aunts that are teachers for elementary and high school. They had an impact on me becoming a teacher as they always talk about how much they love their jobs and I want to someday have the same feeling that they have towards teaching. They were very supportive in my decision and were giving me tips as to what I should do and wanting to help me during the process. The feeling of helping kids and having a connection to each one of them makes me very happy and feel good on the inside. If I can make an impact on students’ lives and can make their learning experiences enjoyable and creative, I know I will have succeeded in my career as a teacher. I want to make learning fun and do creative things in the classroom to be different. I have been taught in many different types of classrooms with multiple learning styles and approaches. Some which have stuck with me throughout the years as to how I prefer to learn. I love being organized and well prepared and seeing classrooms with organizers and colourful walls, with posters makes the classroom more enjoyable to learn. I would always want my classroom to look like that. I have also had many teachers that have inspired me to become a teacher. Most of my teachers have had different ways of teaching and I was able to have many experiences with multiple of them. They all influenced my life and impacted my life as a student and taught me many things.  

I have had lots of different teachers in my life but only a few stuck out to me and influenced my life. I had a teacher in my senior year of high school, her name was Mrs. Murray and she was my Catholic Studies teacher. She really opened my eyes and made me think in different ways that I never thought I could. She always encouraged her students to do the best that they can even if it was very little, at least it was something. Mrs. Murray was the type of teacher that you could go and talk to about anything, she would always be there to listen and help. She was the teacher that everybody loved. Her class was very enjoyable and there was a never a dull moment. Being in her class and getting to know her made me want to become a teacher even more. I aspire to be half as great of a teacher as her.  

I had an English teacher in high school her name was Mrs. Orthner and some people would probably disagree with what I am about to say if they ever had her as a teacher. I really appreciated Mrs. Orthner, she was the greatest English teacher I have ever had. Her passion for English was so clear in the way she taught her classes, that I knew I would succeed in her class and learn all I need to know about English. She was very tough and a hard marker, but I think that is what made me enjoy her class and herself. For her to be a tough marker I think made me push myself to do the best I can and put in my best effort with assignments, considering she is very particular with what she likes. She was a character for sure and an outspoken teacher. Now yes, she could be rude but only if you got on her bad side and disrespected her. Once you get on her good side you can really see that she is just trying to make us into better students and make sure we succeed in life. I was really inspired by her work ethic and how superb she was at teaching. She was always able to control the room and the students in a friendly manner and always had a hold of the class. Although she was strict and tough, I think of her as one of my favourite teachers.