Stories from the field

From the beginning…

-When I first walked in the school and went to the office there were students and the principle there to greet me and my partner and to lead us to the classroom.

– Her main idea for incorporating the different ways of knowing is to let the students find how they learn and stick to that.

–  They teach me so much from just watching and having conversations with them.

– My school is honoring diversity, equity and human rights in many different ways.

To the end…

РThis week was a little chaotic because of the sanctions that are happening this week. 

Final Reflection

My field experience was something I will never forget. Although it unfortunately had to come to an end sooner than I had hoped, I learned a lot from the five weeks I spent at W.S. Hawrylak school. Being in the Pre-K to 5 program I was placed in a grade 6 classroom, and I must say I loved every second of it. I was very nervous for my first day at the school as it was all becoming a reality to me. However, each week got better and better. I felt more welcomed each week with the students letting me get to know them and them getting to know me. My host teacher was very kind and made me feel welcomed into her class. She taught me so much about teaching and how to deal with specific situations in the classroom. As well how to work with students that need a little more attention than others. Making the classroom an inviting place to come and learn is important when you are a teacher. The classroom I was in was very welcoming and felt like a safe environment for all the students that were in it. The host teacher made sure to welcome every student at the door at the beginning of the day and the end. This was very important to her as she wanted to make connections and relationships with all the students. I also believe doing something similar to this is great for the classroom. Letting the students be involved within the classroom lets the students feel that they are included and have a purpose in the classroom. My host teacher displayed a great example in this and believes in it strongly. She always has jobs assigned for each student every day so they always have something to do. Inclusion is another important aspect while in the classroom. As teachers, we never want to make a student feel excluded and bad about themselves. Coming up with creative ways to accommodate for every student is critical, knowing not everyone will be at the same learning stage. Being at my field placement I learned that they really try to display diversity, equity and human rights around their school which is something I never had at my elementary school. They have groups supporting EAL and LRT students helping them achieve their goals and giving them extra attention. Another group they have at Hawrylak is a GSA club. My field placement gave me a better understanding of teaching and made this all a reality. I learned so much from my host teacher as well as from the students. Having an inclusive, equal, diverse classroom is essential for being a great teacher!