This is the conclusion of my learning project. I actually really enjoyed the EDTC 300 project because it challenged us to learn something new. Not only did I learn a new skill but I also learned how to find online resource and what types of resources I learn best from. I found throughout this project the most useful resources where videos because they allowed me to visual see and here the ASL sign.

15 tips for learning American Sign Language - Lingvano ASL
15 Tips for Learning American Sign Language

My ASL Learning Journey……..

Week 1-Learning Project- Throwback to Kindergarten with ASL Letters. In the first week of my learning project I started off with the very basics the letters. I used learning resources like YouTube videos and an ASL Learning app. I was actually surprised how fast I caught on which made me hopeful for the next week of learning.

Week 2- Easy as 1, 2, 3………Maybe? In week 2 of my ASL learning I seemed to hit a road block. Learning the All numbers seemed to be trickier then I expected because you had to use certain fingers to represent certain numbers. I continued to use resources like videos and apps because I found they were the easiest way for me to learn. Although I struggled to learn the numbers with a bit of extra practice I was able to master them and get ready for week 3.

Week 3- Yes, no and maybe so…… all entailed in this weeks learning. Week 3 marked the half way point of my learning project. I really liked this week of learning because I moved from the basics like numbers and letters to important things like common phrases. Learning these phrases really helped me to feel like I was final learning ASL. Which made me excited for the coming weeks of learning

Week 4- The home stretch of learning ASL is in sight! In week 4 of learning I expanded my knowledge and kept learning new phrases and common words. I found it challenging to find a good list of common phrase to learn so I decided next week I could go back to focusing on categories of learning. For week 4 of learning I relied on two main YouTube channels that were both super visual. With week 5 category of learning picked out I was excited to move on.

Week 5- Tik Tok for learning? …You can’t be serious. In week 5 of my learning project I really challenged myself to go outside the box and find some new leaning resources. This led me to Tik Tok. I was surprised to find such a large ASL learning community on Tik Tok which made it really easy to find resources to learn the days of the week, the months and some weather terms. Looking back I think that week 5 was my favourite week of learning for the simple reason that I was so happy to find an ASL community.

Week 6- What ASL for Babies? For week 6 I decided to take a bit of a different approach to my learning project. Instead of learning different signs I decided to search baby sign and learn more about it as a whole. I learned what baby sign is, why people use it and when you can start teaching it. In my final week of learning I tried to use some new resources so I used blogs and articles to guide my final week of learning. Overall I really liked this change of pace in the final week of my learning project.

When reflecting back on my learning project I am so proud to see how far I have come in six weeks. I am so glad I choose to learn ASL and as I continue to learn ASL beyond this class I will definitely to use the resources I found in this class like some YouTube channels and the ASL Tik Tok community. For anyone who is considering learning ASL I would definitely recommend finding and joining All learning communities on Tik Tok or Facebook right away because they where a huge inspiration to my learning. Thank you Katia for the challenge I have found a new passion I can’t wait to couture learning.