For this week of my learning project I focused on learning my letters A-R. For this section of learning I found the best process was to start slow and work your way up. I started my learning by just watching someone sign the abc’s on youtube which acted as an introduction to the new content for me. For my learning process I started by learning one letter then adding another. For example I learned how to sign A then I added the letter B and so on. I found this technique was helpful because it allowed me to practice each individual letter and it also helped me to practice transitioning between letters.  I would say one benefit to learning small sections at a time would be it makes for not such an overwhelming amount of information and pressure at once. One thing I also found that was important to my learning process this week was consistency like daily ASL practice. I have heard many times that the key to learning a language is to practice each day. As part of my learning process I tried to add 15 minutes to practice ASL 2 times a day. I found practing the skill twice daily helped to keep the letters fresh in my mind.

For my learning this week I used a variety of online resources. I used a YouTube video as my introduction to sign. I find this video to be very interactive and easy to listen too. After watching this video, I began to learn focus on learning each individual letter. For this stage of my learning I choose to use an app called ASL American Sign Language that has a flash card like aspect. I found this resource really handy because it allowed me to learn my own pace. It also was really easy to go back and forth between the different letters. The one downside to this resource was that the image they used to show how to make the letter was static. So it didn’t allow you to see the sign for all angles. After becoming familiar with the letters through the app I went back to the video I used as an introduction and watched it over multiple times. The video is nice to use as a resource once I had a basic understanding of the letters because the video allowed me to see the signed letter from all angles which helps me improve on the overall sign of the letters. However one advantage of using the video as a learning resource is that it moved fairly quickly which made it harder to follow at times. Overall I would say that learning ASL letters online it’s pretty easy. I found that there was lots of great resources and lots of different ways of learning like images, diagrams, videos, abs and also virtual tutors.

Here is a video I have created to track my progress

Next week my learning goal is to learn the letters R-Z and the numbers 1-10. If I seem to grasp theses sign easily, I will also start learning some colors. For the second week of my learning I am going to try learning through pictures, and I am also going try to find other resources then the apps I used for this week. Here goes week two of learning ASL wish me luck!