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What? A movie trailer featuring me? It can’t be true.

For my tool this week I choose to explore with iMovies trailer feature before. On iMovie there are two different creation types you can either create a movie or a trailer. In the past I have used the movie section of Movie to create videos for classes. I have never really explored the trailer feature so I decided this project would be a good opportunity to do so.

The process of creating a trailer was much more straight forward than I could have ever imagined. Once I clipped on the trailer option I was brought to a page that had all the different trailer themes. I attached an image of this page below. I choose a theme that I liked since I didn’t really know the role the theme would play I picked a rather neutral theme.

These were a few of the themes offered

After choosing the theme you are taken to a new page where you get to create the outline, storyboard and shot list. First I did the outline. In the outline section there was a place to enter name and date, cast, studio and credits. I filled in this information to the best of my ability. Next I moved on to the story board section. This section was is where you create the video. Everything was preset so they had preexisting sections that I added a title to then added my video or images to. the preset options made it easy to organize my ideas. However I find the presets to also be a bit frustrating. It would be nice if you where able to add a bit of time to each clip you entered if you wanted.

Outline Section
Storyboard Section

Some tips I would have for someone using iMovie trailers are:

-Preview the trailers before choosing so you can pick one that best suits your vision.

-Create the content as you go. Its best to pick the trailer then see how long of clips you need then film.

-Be creative.

Overall I would say my experience with iMovie was much better then I aspected. I liked how organized it was. I also liked that it was step orientated so it wasn’t so overwhelming. I would definitely recommend iMovie trailer if you ever have to make a trailer for something.

Heres the trailer I created

Here’s My Trailer. Enjoy!

I definitely think there are many great ways to incorporate iMovie trailers into classroom learning. One way is to have older students use them as a form of presentations. Or you as the teacher could also use them for learning through lots of ways like making a quick trailer for at the beginning of a new unit to introduce the content to the kids.

I feel IMovie integration into the classroom reaches the transformative level under modification. It can be a completely new idea where students use it for projects and it can also be a great way to introduce new content in a very unique and intriguing way. As a future educator I will definitely use this tool when I get the chance!


  1. sydneyhoffman

    I love that you chose to experiment with iMovie this week! I remember as a kid, when I got my first iPod, my cousins and I made so many silly trailers with iMovie 😂.
    You also suggest some really interesting ways that it can be used in the classroom, and I especially like your unit introduction idea! I think it could also perhaps be used for a unit review (maybe students create one) or as a synopsis of a class book or something… the possibilities are endless!

  2. mrsguderyan

    Great idea using iMovie! Great suggestions for classroom use.

  3. Tina

    Thanks for sharing , I really like your trailer , it seems you got very professional at this! I wonder how technology can help us to create more an s more!

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