About Miss Hartman

I am excited and proud to be in this rewarding and challenging profession, with hopes to one day teach elementary students, Kindergarten if I could specifically choose a grade! Thank you for following along on my journey of educating our future!

Teaching is not a job that everyone in the world can do. Many people believe that teaching is only about reading, writing and math.   I love to teach because I ultimately want to make a positive impact on students’ lives.  Teachers hold the responsibility of teaching morals and helping kids find their way in the world.  Many homes rely on teachers to supply kids with the tools they need to face the world around them.  My desire is to teach early elementary students. Why? I want to teach early elementary students because I love the innocence of their questions and the creativity that they show as they grow in their own individuality.  It is so joyful to see the opening of their little eyes as they learn about events and subjects that have shaped our world today and the capacities of their abilities.

Dreams should never die and as I choose to live my dream of being a teacher, I look forward to being able to mould the lives of young people to fulfill their dreams too. 

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