EDTC300,  Learning Project

More and More Necklaces

I have been very busy with my small business and learning project this past week, SO. MANY. NECKLACES 😍. My best friends have to be one of my biggest supporters of this business, all four of them want five necklaces each, plus I’m getting orders from other friends, and even people in Alberta and B.C.! How crazy 😲! I did not expect to even get this many orders, but I hope my business continues to grow! I happen to work at a restaurant 🍔 here in Regina, so we’ve been closed for some time, which gave me lots of time to work on necklaces. We open back up today (if you are reading this on Monday, May 17th), and I am excited to show my co-workers some necklaces! 😁

While working on these necklaces, I learn something new almost every time, which is very fun in it’s own way 😊! I have created an order form which customers are able to fill out to create a custom necklaces 📝. This order form is very new, as well as my business, so it works to give me a general idea of what the customer wants, and them I am able to reach out to them to further discuss🗣. On this form I have general information (name, address, city, postal code, handle)🏠, and then an area where they can choose what style of necklace (simple, half bead/half pearl, pendant, extravagant)💎, and lastly an area for them to choose the colours they would like🎨. So far this form has worked great, and I’m excited to see what will come of it, and if it needs any altering. 😁

I have been thinking about not only making necklaces, but also anklets, and belly beads (as they are apparently back in style lol)😂, I am very excited to continue and maybe expand my small business, AND keep you guys updated! If anyone is interested in a necklace please reach out! (self-promo oops) 😊😄


  • Rosalie Krengnektak

    Hello Paige Karol, reading your post was very interesting and it is awesome that you have your own business. Your necklaces are so pretty and knowing that they are hand made makes them even more priceless and beautiful. Creating your own crafts especially your own necklaces by hand gives it that little bit more meaning to them and I can relate as I have created in the past a few objects for my daughter like boots and she grew out of them but having them around as a reminder bring back so many memories as they remind me of how small she used to be. Keep up the amazing work you do in creating your own necklaces and with your business. Thank you.

  • Gledi Toci

    Paige, I am really impressed with how nice these necklaces continue to look. I really enjoy the colour choice you used, it fits the hot weather well. The idea of using this talent you have, and creating a small profit business is very smart. I hope it continues to grow, so one day you won’t need to work at a restaurant. I’m looking forward to your next post, and the progress. Good Luck!

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