Education…with or without Teachnology

In our last EC & I 830 class we had one incredible debate on the topic “Technology in the classroom enhances learning”. The topic itself is self describing and to be honest by looking at the topic you could agree or disagree right away.

I myself was agreed with the topic 100% you know, cause without technology in the classroom what is the point of even having this Educational Technology class in the first lace right?

The debate was between Will & Mike vs. Janeen & Catrina and both the teams did amazing job. Will and Mike was for the topic and they presented themselves in such a good way that there was not one single second that I was bored or distracted, not to mention they use technology in their debate 🙂 Just have a look at their opening video!

Then it was Janeen and Catrina’s turn. OMG the way they have turned the show what should I say! The points, the execution just WOW! For a moment even I was about to believe that Yes! No technology is needed in the classroom! But then again I realised I have joined the class through laptop and wifi, creating my vlogs on devices, living my life on technology… So my vote remains for the argument.


I wonder will we ever be without technology anymore!!!