My Teaching Philosophy

I believe education should provide students with the knowledge and skills they require to form their own personal opinions and beliefs. In this way, education should allow for individual expression and exploration.

I believe that education should encourage students to explore, discover, and gain new knowledge. Education should always motivate students and empower them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

I believe that every student is uniquely valuable, each student learns differently, and success looks different for everyone.

I believe education is fluid, always changing and developing with the needs of students in contemporary society. Although it is often challenging, I know that accommodating student’s individual needs is the best way to ensure their success.

I believe education needs to be non-judgemental. It must be open to diversity and accepting of new ideas.

I believe in inclusive education. I believe inclusivity can improve every student’s learning experience and help create connections within the classroom and school community as a whole.

I believe education should be engaging and that classrooms should be an enjoyable and safe environment for every single student.

I believe I can learn from my future students, and that every student should be given the opportunity to be treated as an expert. Teaching is the highest level of learning, so I believe students should be provided the opportunity to teach and learn from their peers.

I believe education requires connection. It is important that I get to know my future students on a personal level, and allow them to do the same.

As a teacher, above all else, I believe it is my job to demonstrate love and care for every single one of my future students and provide them with the support they require to learn and succeed.