Teaching 4 Diversity

Teaching for Diversity is an excellent online resource for educators. It is a Canadian site that aims to teach students about the multicultural country we live in. The site breaks down misconceptions about diversity and provides strategies to help educators teach students about the topic. I love how the site speaks about both visible and invisible diversity, as every type of diversity is equally valid and important.

The Gender-Friendly Classroom

This article on the Gender-Friendly Classroom provides teachers with simple and practical ways to promote acceptance towards gender diversity in their classrooms and schools. The article is very informative, as it includes information about the different types of gender diversity and the terms associated with this topic. In addition, the article reminds teachers that gender diversity is present within every school community, whether or not they are aware of it. It is important for educators to demonstrate that they are open and accepting in order to create a safe environment for students who may not yet be open about their true gender expression

In this video, Chimamanda Adichie speaks openly about stereotypes and the misunderstandings they create. She shares her own personal story and is not afraid to admit she too has fallen victim to assumptions. I believe this video is a beautiful reminder that it is impossible to know everything about a person or population of people after hearing a single story about them.

I love this video because it highlights the diverse backgrounds and stories of real students. A couple of the students in the video state that they have learned just as much, if not more, practical life lessons from their peers as they have from a textbook. The video speaks about many different kinds of diversity and the importance of diversity in education.