Instructional Strategies

In this video, Tim Taylor outlines the Mantle of the Expert strategy. This strategy is a fantastic way to engage students and provide them with a practical purpose for their learning. This approach allows students to explore a fictional world in which they are treated as the experts, allowing them to guide their own learning experience.

This article provides teachers with specific and practical instructional strategies to enhance student comprehension and engagement. It is directed towards high school students, but each of the methods they explain could easily be adapted to be used with any grade level. The article outlines three strategies: visualization, integration of classroom technology, and collaborative peer learning.

This Ted Talk truly speaks to my educational philosophy. Joe Ruhl reminds educators about the importance of student choice and connection in the classroom. He shares his personal experiences and provides various strategies he has utilized to engage students in new and exciting ways. His five C’s method of teaching and learning can be applied to any subject or grade level, and I believe it can greatly enhance the students’ educational experience.