Who am I?

My full name is Sarah Dawn Stroeder, and I am a highly enthusiastic individual that finds excitement in the little things in life. I am extroverted and very friendly; interacting with people brings me a great deal of joy.

Currently, I am in my second year of university. I am in the Secondary Program of the Faculty of Education with a major in math and a minor in drama. I have been absolutely loving university thus far, and I am very much looking forward to the next few years!

I have worked as a part-time cahier/supervisor at Sherwood Coop for the last three years. Although my job can be challenging at times, it is very rewarding and has been an incredible learning experience. Working at Coop has not only provided me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful and diverse people, but it has also allowed me to greatly improve my time management, leadership, and problem solving skills.

I am an adventurous person that loves the outdoors. I grew up camping with my family, and it is something I still love to this day. I enjoy all kinds of camping, everything from camping in a trailer at Regina Beach, to tenting in the middle of nowhere, to camping out at Craven Country Thunder. I have even been fortunate enough to attend an international Girl Guide camp in British Columbia, which was an unforgettable experience!


I live with my parents and my adorable dog named Rider. I am lucky to have five grandparents, as well as a number of aunts and uncles. Oddly, I do not have any cousins, so growing up I was always the only child at family events and holiday celebrations. I may have a small family, but I believe this only makes us closer. Spending time with the adults in my family taught me maturity, and allowed me to gain strong conversation skills at a young age. As I have gotten older, I have come to greater appreciate my family and all the opportunities they have provided me, which I will forever be grateful for.


Although I sometimes fail, I aspire to always maintain an optimistic attitude and cheerful disposition. My ultimate goal in life is to create happiness and help others every single day. This majorly influenced my decision to become a teacher. As a teacher, I will constantly be working alongside others, whether that be students or coworkers. I hope to support my future students in reaching their academic goals, provide them with a safe space where they feel at home, and help them to create meaningful connections within the classroom. Some of my other goals in life include completing the University of Regina’s certificate in Inclusive Education, adopting a rescue animal, learning how to throw pottery, buying a house, and taking my parents on a vacation.

My Autobiography