A New Journey to Discovering Drawing On a Screen

September 14, 2022 1 By Sydney Winterholt

I purchased an IPad over a year ago to use for multiple reasons. Since having it I have always wanted to learn how to draw on it. I have currently been using it for taking notes during classes, playing games such as HayDay, and relaxing while using it to colour or of course watch Netflix and Disney. I have been avoiding drawing with it because it is one thing to colour in between lines and other to draw those lines to colour in… I am by far no artist and I have a fear of failing so I have stuck with my comfort zone of colouring between the lines on different colouring apps. However, I have friends who also do not claim to be artists but can draw like professionals on their IPads and I have always wanted to try it out.

Therefore, I decided to take this opportunity of having to learn a new project to push myself out of the colouring comfort zone I am in to try drawing on my IPad. To help ease the nerves and work my way out of this comfort zone I will be taking small steps before attempting anything to crazy.

To start, I did my research to which app is the best for drawing on an IPad and I have decided to go with Procreate. I have began by downloading the ProCreate app on my IPad to use to draw on. My next step will to be to just play around on it with all the different features to explore and find out what there all is. I then will find a video on either youtube or tiktok to explain some of the overall basics to help move the learning process along. I will then explore all the basics I learned about on my own by just once again exploring the features taught and getting used to them. I will then continue looking online for different tools and hacks to my project, in the process of doing this I hope to find a tiktoker or youtuber that teaches what I am learning in a style that is very effective to my learning process and use their channel to go to when I may be getting stressed or frustrated. I will continue trying out drawing different basic images such as flowers, plants, animals and more. One of the last steps will be to find a draw-a-long of an entire scene and try to draw along with another person. The final step will to be drawing a more complicated scene picture on my own and seeing how it turns out.

Stay tuned for exciting updates on my process of learning how to draw on my IPad. There will be both ups and downs, mistakes to learn from and many lessons to be learned.