Mixing the Apps Up

October 8, 2022 1 By Sydney Winterholt

This week we shook things up as I was not only exploring and expanding my knowledge on drawing with the Procreate app but I was also learning how to use Imovie to add a voice over. From learning about the app from youtube videos I found a feature on the app Procreate that screen records while you draw. Therefore, for this weeks post I would use that feature and then use another app (which ended up being Imovie) to add in a voice over to show my process.

To get the time lapse of your drawing on procreate you simply click the little wrench icon in the top left corner, which you then click on the video tab where it allows you to either turn this particular setting off or view and export the video.


First up: What did I do on Procreate?

For this week I decided to attempt drawing some flowers. I started by going to a drawing when I first got the app and was exploring, where I had attempted to draw a daisy type flower. I then decided to draw some cartoon type flowers based off the knowledge I have already learned through the past Youtube videos I have watched. I was quite happy with how these turned out and was impressed with myself for applying the knowledge I hade learned. When I was drawing the orange flower I was getting slightly frustrated as when I was drawing the petals it was making the middle circle to be unequal and messy. I then remembered using the layers so when I created the purple flower I drew the middle piece on a separate layer than the petals so that I could have the circle layer laying on top so that the petals would not affect the circular shape. After having the success of drawing the cartoon like flowers I wanted to try upping my game by drawing a more detailed flower which is the purple flower on the picture. This attempt turned out very badly for what I was envisioning so I finished what I attempted to start then wanted to see if I would be able to do a better job by following along with a video. I went to Youtube and found this video on how to draw detailed flowers. It ended up being how to create a background photo with flowers which still ended up being useful. From this video I got more experience using layers, as well as how to duplicate layers so you do not have to redraw the same item over and over again. After following along with this video I felt successful but I still wanted to attempt drawing a more complicated, realistic detailed flower so I went back to the page with all the different video options and found this video on how to draw a detailed poppy. Following along with this video taught me many useful tips, such as: different stylists to use for different things, how to better take advantage of using layers such as the clipping mask detail which determines where the layer will be transparent without ink, how to add little details such as shading and many more. With finishing this flower I felt fullfilled with the amount I had learned and was ready to reflect on it which lead me to using Imovie…

Finally: What about Imovie?

I have used Imovie in the past for creating short videos but I have never used it to create and add in a voice over to a video. I thought a voiceover would be neat to put along with this project as I would be able to share my thought process along with the actually process of me drawing. I found Imovie to be very user-friendly in learning how to add a voice over. It did not take me long to figure it all out and execute my plan. Once I placed my time lapse in and added a title slide I realized that there is a microphone in the left corner located under the screen of your final piece in the top right corner. When you click on the mini microphone a red dot shows up like the picture on the right so you just select on the bottom where your video clippings are of where you want the audio to start and then click the red circle. Once you do that a countdown from three begins and then it will begin to record. It was quite simple to figure out and would suggest and recommend to anyone wanting to put a voice over on a video or picture/slideshow that Imovie would be a great tool to use. Imovie would also be a great tool to use as an educator in the classroom. A teacher themselves could use it to spice up their powerpoints to include sound effects and voiceovers. Or teachers can use it as a tool for students to voice record assignments rather than writing. There are many ways Imovie can be used in a classroom setting.

The Final Piece…

If I have gotten you interested in what I was up to this week be sure to watch the video of me using both Procreate and Imovie to show off my flower drawing skills!