Putting Life Behind the Drawing

October 18, 2022 5 By Sydney Winterholt

I have always thought about getting a small tattoo and I have many ideas of what I were to get if I ever did get one. Therefore, I thought what a better a time then now to draw my ideas and use it for my learning project. So as you could probably guess for this episode of my learning project journey I drew out some future tattoo ideas.

This drawing may seem boring and simple compared to some past posts as there is no colour or extreme detailing. This is not because I was feeling lazy or did not want to practice those skills, but rather it is because if I got a tattoo I would want something small and minimalist. I did the best I could to create my dream designs but since I am still learning and I for sure do not claim to be an artist; if I ever did decided to go through with the idea of getting a tattoo I would let the artist redesign it to make it perfect as they are called an artist for a reason. However, if I were to get a tattoo I could simply send a picture of what I drew to the artist so they had an idea of what I was wanting and envisioning.

I really enjoyed the process of drawing these little designs. It was very enjoyable and quite relaxing. I started drawing this not thinking I would use it for my learning project so I did not feel any pressure as I did not think many people would see it. However, halfway throughout drawing all these little creations I thought why not use it as I am practicing my skills of previous learned knowledge that I gained from starting this project even though I was not following along with a video.

I was very pleased how my ideas turned out on paper. Although they look like quite simple easy designs they took me quite a few hours to draw. I was really wanting the lines to look elegant and look good all together so I found the perfectionist side of me constantly going back and redrawing lines that were already pretty decent.

A little bit about each design that is on the picture:

  • The guitars- This design has to do with a childhood memory of mine. When I was a kid, my dad, siblings and I would go downstairs and my dad would grab his guitar and start playing songs. Us kids would dance and sometimes sing along to the words if we knew them and if not we would grab some of the Fishers Price ‘kid musical toys’ like maracas and tambourines and play along with him. My favourite song that I would always want my dad to play was You are my Sunshine; that is why the words are tied into the one design.
  • The sun & water- I kind of talked about how much I like sunsets/sunrises in my last post as it reminds me that everyday is a new day and a fresh start. As well, this one is also a reminder to myself that I can do anything I put my mind behind as it resembles lifeguarding to me and how I didn’t believe I would be able to pass the test/skills but people encouraged me to still try and I succeeded.
  • Butterflies & Words- This one I would want my moms handwriting of ‘one day at a time’ as that is what she always tells me when I am very stressed and my anxiety is getting really bad. And the butterflies are there because they are her favourite.
  • The heart house- This is just a fun Harry Styles inspired one from his song, Sweet Creature.
  • The flower- I just think floral tattoos are really pretty.

Stay tuned for more updates on my learning project!