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Hi! My name is Torri Hollstein. I am currently in my third year of elementary education at the University of Regina. Here are some things about myself to get to know me a bit better. I am originally from Calgary, Alberta; however, I currently live in Hamilton, Ontario. I lived in Regina this past year for my first in-person semester from January to April! I am now doing all my school work online because I am skating for a synchronized skating team called Nexxice Senior, based in Burlington, Ontario. Some of my hobbies include watching movies and teaching kids how to skate!

Some of my experiences with educational technology have not been the best. I can get easily flustered and stressed when something doesn’t go right with my computer. That is why I am so excited to take this course, as I will hopefully learn to manage different platforms and get more comfortable with technology. Technology in the classroom is becoming very popular, so I must improve my skills to keep up with children, constantly learning new things online.

I have used this blog for previous classes. I am somewhat familiar with it, but I am trying to personalize it more for this class. So far, I have learned so much already and am continuing to customize my blog! I enjoy writing for my blog, and it is just the editing and customizing portion that I tend to struggle with. One thing I am not familiar with is Twitter. I have just created my profile today for this class. I have hopes I will learn to navigate that as well. Overall I am excited to keep learning about technology and how it relates to our education!

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