Something bigger!

So for this week’s learning project post, I decided to try something a bit bigger. My reasoning behind this was that my last week’s attempt was SO small and precise that I had a bit of a hard time with it. So I found a punch needle design involving a larger ring and actual yarn instead of the tiny thread I had used before. The design was some lovely circular flowers with leaves, and I really liked all the colours involved.


As I began, I started to worry about the circles. I thought, how would the punch needle tool be able to make the circles look circular? I know that sounds silly, but I thought I would make a square somehow. However, I successfully followed the pattern, and circles began to form slowly! Finally, I was free to go off the sample picture slightly as I changed the colours.

Click here to watch a time-lapse of me completing some of this project!

What I really noticed as I got going was how much easier the more extensive template was. It gave me much more freedom to move my hands around the design as I needed. I really enjoyed the use of the larger yarn as well. I realized yarn is much easier to work with than a small thread!! Here’s the final look:

Overall, my biggest takeaway from this week’s design was that I really liked the yarn. I hope I can learn to make more designs with yarn.

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