Time for Tutorials!

For this week, I decided it would be best to find my way to the world of Youtube and watch some much-needed crocheting tutorials (as I changed my learning project due to a lack of passion last week!). The first video I stumbled upon was by a creator that goes by the name of simplydaisy

. In this video, she goes over how to hold the crochet hook, how to make a slip knot, do a crochet chain, do a single crochet, and weave in ends! The video was so straightforward and explanatory! The way she had the camera close up on her hands made the process so much easier to learn from, as each step just flowed into the next! 

I did want to start crocheting after watching that video, but I ended up falling into a rabbit hole of different types of crochet stitches. I went from a video of basic stitches all the way to a really hard stitch with, of course, some in between. After watching many videos and explanations, I started with some yarn I found in a bin. I did not know exactly what I wanted to do because I had seen so many different kinds of stitches. I eventually came to the conclusion of wanting to try double crochet. So I began.

It went way more smooth sailing than I thought it was going to. I was quite surprised, to be honest. I am not sure if everyone who starts crocheting finds it to be simple or not, but I am so proud of myself for how much I did! I ended up using the amount of yarn that was in the bin I found, which ended up making a long rectangle. It almost looks like a scarf, so I am going to call it a scarf. The things I want to improve on are the loose ends, as I did not really know how to disguise them or make them look super nice. It is a tad messy but overall I think for my first go-round. I am very happy!

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