My Journey to Becoming a Teacher

Tickling the ivories…

Week 4 has come and gone as I continue my journey towards becoming a master pianist. While I can not say I am “there” yet, I think I am starting to see some progress. However, practicing has grown to be increasingly difficult as every time I press a key its like a dog whistle to my son as he comes running over to try mash away on the keys, so most of my practice time involves me defending the keys with on hand from this piano crazed toddler while playing sweet rhythms with the other.

How I feel practicing

This week I utilized a video from Youtube that highlights the top 5 piano exercises for beginners which I found to be very helpful. I have come to notice that my left hand is much more coordinated than my right, even though I am right handed! Also, my right hand tends to cramp up much faster too, I will have to look at my form as that must have something to do with it. Well, if I hope to improve at piano I must quit spending time typing on here and “type on the keyboard”, til next time…


  1. bas380

    I love that you are learning piano for this project. I took one year of lessons a few years ago, and if you keep at it, it is truly a skill you can retain. I was wondering if you know how to read music? There are plenty of great websites to buy music online, as well Long and McQuade in Regina have great easy piano resources. I have used to buy music from in the past! I also very much enjoyed the video you included or the cat playing the piano, it made my day! Keep up the great work! Good luck going forward!

    • Byron

      Thanks for commenting, as far as reading music I am not overly skilled in that area. I suppose I retained some knowledge from Music 101 that I took last semester. I find my most success in playing by ear I am finding and using Youtube videos that show the keys to press. This often results in painstaking repetition with me constantly replaying the video. Things are coming along though and practicing has become more enjoyable every week.

  2. Lauren Carlson

    Your post made me laugh Byron. I can totally relate. I’m learning how to fold origami for my learning project and my 4 year old thinks everything I fold is for him. So far he’s insisted on sleeping with every piece the night after I fold it. Kids are great! Looking forward to hearing your progress. Thanks for sharing!

    • Byron

      Hi Lauren, it is funny how all things in the house tend to become the property of the children in household, haha. The kids being involved and wanting to be apart of it has really made the learning project a fun assignment, I mean it beats sitting on my laptop writing papers! And just think, if your 4 year old continues to like your origami you can save a bunch of them and save money on birthday/Christmas presents for him! haha. Thanks for posting Lauren, enjoy the rest of the break

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