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Jumping back on the Twitter train

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I used to be an avid twitter user when I was in high school and that was the “cool” app to use. My most recent tweet on my personal Twitter account was back in 2018 when I told everyone that they need a heated blanket. I still stand by this. Heated blankets are #life. Twitter is probably my least used app, but when I do use it I like to just creep around. I rarely tweet, but I like using it to see funny memes or tweets that are #relatable.

Before this class I would have never consider using Twitter in the classroom. I guess I never really saw Twitter as an app that was useful for education related things. Boy was I wrong.



I was amazed at the #saskedchat experience! It was overwhelming, but in a good way! It was such a fast paced experience being bombarded by tons of tweets to read but I learned SO MUCH. It was extremely beneficial to be interacting with educators who have experience being in the field as well as my fellow classmates who also had lots of valuable insights. Joining in and sharing my own perspectives and having others interacting with my tweets made me feel like I was a part of a community. I hope we can join another #saskedchat in our class again because of how much fun it was!


As for educational accounts, there are actually so many helpful resources to follow on twitter. I was able to find numerous accounts who are educators or accounts that support educators. I followed a few accounts like @cultofpedagogy, @rubytuesdaybooks, and @weareteachers that offer so many resources, inspiration and information relating to education and teaching. It is nice to follow a wide variety of these accounts that provide helpful resources and interesting articles to read to better myself as a future educator while staying #connected. I have had a Twitter account since 2011 and I had no idea it could be this useful for my future career!

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  • tinambowley

    Hello Alex,

    I also liked the #SaskEdChat. I have joined one before but was really confused. But now that I know how to filter the chat in Tweetdeck it makes more sense.

    Two accounts that I like to follow are @stflibrary and @DrJCarrington.

    The STF library will help you find resources for your classroom and ship them to you for free with paid return postage. They also help with research for academic papers by helping find journals and books and all you have to do is give them your research topic!

    Dr. Jody Carrington is a U of R alumni who now lives in Alberta. She wrote a book called “Kids These Days” and provides little snippets of wisdom for teachers and how to support kids. I highly recommend.

    • Alexandra Crammond

      Hi Tina!
      I couldn’t imagine joining a #saskedchat without the tweetdeck. No wonder you were confused! Thank you so much for your suggestions on who to follow! I just followed them and I already know I will enjoy their posts!

  • Haley Miller

    Hi Alexandra,
    I can totally relate to your experience of using Twitter in high school in a more “carefree” way. I am actually happy that I do not remember my old password or user name to my account I used in highs school because I think I would cringe reading the tweets I posted… #yikes.
    As for the #saskedchat, I agree, it was overwhelming in a good way. I learned so much and found the Tweetdeck to be so beneficial to organize the chaos. Are you planning on joining in on another chat sometime?

    • Alexandra Crammond

      Hi Haley,
      Yes I agree #yikes looking back on my old high school tweets hahah. But I actually just participated in another #saskedchat last night! Even though most of the questions are tailored to teachers working in the field, I was still encouraged by other teachers to try and answer with my own opinions and thoughts. I thought this was so welcoming and made me feel like I was really apart of the education community. I will definitely be joining another one soon!

  • Logan Fettes

    Saskedchat is such a useful tool and one of the main reasons I actually go on Twitter each week. Unlike you, I never used Twitter in high school and neither did my friends. Did your friend group use Twitter reguarly? If so, did you use any other social media sites?

    • Alexandra Crammond

      Right, I loved the #saskedchat experience! I loved how welcoming and encouraging other educators are. It really made me feel like I was apart of a community. As I mentioned, Twitter was at the “cool” app at the time so it was used all the time, especially to be first hand at all the high school drama lol. I also use Instagram, facebook, snapchat, and pinterest. Do you use any other social media sites? Which is your favourite?

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