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For this week’s learning project I wanted to see if I could learn yoga from TikTok. I have a lot of classmates that have hyped up TikTok and how they are able to learn so many different things from it so I thought I should give it a shot.

I was an avid Vine user when that was the “cool” app and was heart broken when it died? (Does anyone actually know what happened to vine?) Once TikTok became a thing I resisted the urge to download it because 1. I thought I was too old for it and 2. I didn’t want to download another app that would have me glued to my phone even more than I already feel like I am. So, I blame EDTC 300 for making me download TikTok and causing me to spend countless hours watching random TikToks. Thanks you guys.

Where Twitter went wrong with Vine | The Drum
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So let’s get it started..

Setting up TikTok was pretty simple. I downloaded the app on my phone, signed up for an account and followed the tutorial steps of following what interests me. Once I had everything all set up it was time to explore.


I went to the discover page and searched “yoga” in the search bar at the top and a lot of videos came up right away. Right away I noticed a lot of the videos seemed kinda inappropriate to be practicing and showing you guys (mostly yoga TikToks to improve sex). So I kept scrolling until I came across a yoga account named arina.yoga. Going through her profile, I clicked on a few of her videos that I was interested in like her “yoga for cramps” and “low back love“. After watching a couple more videos and realizing she posts a daily yoga practice for her followers, I ended up following her!


Since I liked a lot of Arina’s videos, I decided to try to learn some yoga from her. Right away I wanted to try her “yoga for happy hips” as anyone who has been keeping up with my blog will know that I have tight hips and chronic lower back pain (ew that sounds like I’m old).


You only need 5 mins a day to start a new routine✨ #tiktokfitness #yogastretch #yoga101 #yogaforhips

♬ Figure It Out – Blu DeTiger


thumbs down
Thumbs down for TikTok yoga

For it only being a 1 minute video, I guess it was alright. I really enjoy those poses/stretches so I didn’t mind it but after I performed the four poses I said “so that’s it?” In order to feel like I performed an actual yoga practice or workout, I would have to line up a bunch of videos watch. That just doesn’t seem like the most practical and efficient way for me to learn yoga.

I would recommend following @arina.yoga on TikTok if you are interested in getting your quick daily dose of yoga in for the day! I will probably reference her page for quick stretches to perform when I am feeling a little more tight than usual. She also has an Instagram account that I followed as well.

Overall, I think TikTok is a bust when trying to learn yoga. I could see how it could be used to learn other things like cooking or creating DIY crafts, but I would not recommend TikTok for learning how to practice yoga. Impractical and too short of videos for my liking.

Back to Fitness+

After feeling unsatisfied from my yoga TikTok experience, I felt like I needed to do a better practice. Because I loved Fitness+ so much last week, I figured I would use it again (and because I only have it for a few more weeks- I better make the most out of the free subscription). Since I loved Jessica’s practice so much last time, I tried out her 45 minute workout.

I highly recommend this yoga practice to anyone using Fitness+

This one was a KILLER! I felt great after performing this yoga sequence. I not only feel like I was really challenged in this practice, but I feel like I have improved in my flexibility and strength.

my workout summary

Comment down below!

What other resources should I learn yoga from? Do you have any yoga practices that you would recommend?

Any recommendations on who to follow on TikTok?

Let me know!

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  • Logan Fettes

    I like the way you are trying to implement the use of so many different platforms to enhance your learning. I completely understand why the 1 minute tik tok videos may not b the best option, but it certainly adds a bit of variety. Good work!

    • Alexandra Crammond

      Hi Logan, thanks for checking out my blog. I have really been trying to implement numerous resources to learn yoga and have only come across a few resources that I wouldn’t’t recommend so I think I am doing alright! Let me know if you have any other resources for me to learn from!

  • Trista Kennett

    I appreciate your willingness to try different platforms. I too have found that downloading TikTok leads to HOURS of scrolling. There is something about that app that is particularly addicting. I could see how only a one minute video would not be enough to satisfy your yoga session. I like that you decided to use a different source when your first one didn’t work out. I have recently started using Beachbody and I think they have some awesome Yoga videos there. Unfortunately the subscription is quite expensive, but I think they may have a month free trial!

    • Alexandra Crammond

      Hi Trista,
      It is SO addicting! I will probably have to set a screen time limit for myself when I use TikTok. I have heard a lot about beach body but I haven’t actually looked into it. Thanks for the reminder! If they have a free month trial I will most likely give it a try for next week! Thanks for the help!

  • Kassia Nameth

    Hello Alexandra!

    I have been paying for the Wheelhouse Live subscription since the fall and they just recently came out with an “On The Mat” yoga series! I haven’t personally tried any of them but the I’ve gone to wheelhouse rides with the instructor that is doing the yoga videos and she is one of my favorites! They just posted on Instagram that they are offering a 14 day free trial too! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CNQh37VJl9l/?igshid=1h8wk4bsk8u7r

    • Alexandra Crammond

      Oh my goodness Kassia, you’re my favorite! Thank you so much for the recommendation I will definitely be looking into that! I have only been to wheelhouse two times but each time I had a great experience so I’m sure the yoga will be just as good. Thanks again for the recommendation and checking out my blog!

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